Morocco – Climb Mount Toubkal

This trek to the summit of Mount Toubkal (4.167m) moves along a different course than the one we’ve applied to the past. The trek takes you by way of a less “touristy” with the Atlas Mountains and through little authentic berber villages. The climb isn’t technically hard and virtually all folks handle the walk to the summit.
With you on the trip, you are going to have a hometown guide, a cook and also muleteers who assure this is an unforgettable experience.

In Marrakech, attractively positioned at the feet of the Atlas Mountains, you are able to examine the old city, the little areas and alleyways where snake charmers, storytellers & acrobats applied to a show each night. The Atlas Mountains is most likely the best and most thrilling region in Morocco.

This particular Mount Toubkal ascent tour is specifically designed for you, in case you would like to test a top altitude trek and plan to get much higher peaks in the later (such as Island or Kilimanjaro Peak). You receive a great sense of what it’s love to operate in high altitude in which there’s less oxygen.
Plays up on this particular tour

Remain in neighborhood Berber villages
Trek to the pinnacle of Mount Toukbal, probably the highest mountain of Northen Africa, 4,167m (13,671ft)
The tour starts and ends in the exotic city of Marrakech
Experienced local mountain guide, and driver muleteers
Four day trek to Mount Toubkal along the new path with board that is full
Hospitable culture and beautiful scenery