How To Rent a Car In Spain

Spain stays probably the most visited countries on earth also it is so easy to find out exactly why. The Iberian nation offers miles of beach, a rich culture, food that is tasty, individuals that are helpful and naturally, some incredible weather.

Incidentally, Spain was the very first foreign country I actually visited when I was a little child. After not going to much as an adult, I just recently fell for the nation all once again whilst on an epic Spanish road trip.

Traveling In Spain

Spain is quite a huge state (at minimum by European standards) but is perfectly connected by a contemporary, well maintained network of quick and effective highways. Thus, with a pair of your own wheels, it’s absolutely easy to ingest rather a great deal of the nation even in case you just have a couple of weeks.

In this particular blog post, we are going to provide all of the vital information you need for your own personal Spanish road trip as well as suggest several little itineraries – got you covered!


Spain is the EU and thus, is fairly stringent on legalities and formalities. In order to lease a car in Spain you are going to need a complete EU driving license or maybe a worldwide driving license. Many rental businesses will likely insist the license have been held for a minimum of twelve months.

Many rental businesses also call for a deposit to be paid by credit card just. Do remember that most kind of Debit cards (including prepaid credit cards) are usually not appropriate. The quantity of the deposit needed will differ from company to company. The deposit is returned to your bank card after the car continues to be properly returned.

Personally, I often travel with a separate credit card that I use just for car rental. Which means that the other charge card of mine has its complete balance for emergencies and expenditure. Having several credit cards doesn’t in itself, adversely impact the credit score of yours.

Make sure to check out that the bank card of yours is legitimate and contains adequate credit balance to cover the price of the deposit before leaving home.

When you find the car, keep the license of yours on you and maintain the rental papers inside the car. Spanish traffic cops are very few as well as far between but in case you do encounter one, you are going to need both these documents.

Returning and collecting The Car

Rental car companies have offices throughout Spain. Where precisely you want to gather and also return the car is determined by which regions you’re going to but generally, only big tourist and cities hotspots have car rental companies.

A few main hubs are Santander, Bilbao and Barcelona in the North then Madrid and Zaragoza in the interior. In the South, Malaga is a significant transportation hub and services the whole Andalucia and coastal region. In case you’re planning on going to Andalucia (Seville, Granada, Marbella etc) it might well be well worth your while flying in and from Malaga airport and gathering the car in the airport – flights to the airport often be much less expensive compared to some other cities in the option as well as the area of rental cars is remarkable.

It’ll generally work out cheaper in case you collect and also return the car in similar place so do see when you are able to do the trip of yours as some sort of loop. If it wasn’t, then make sure you do not worry a lot.

If you collect the car, make sure to inspect it thoroughly for any dents or scratches. These really should be logged on the sheet they provide you with but in case you discover a few which are not, no matter how small, capture pictures that are clear with an unit which records the day and also time as well as the photograph.

If you return the car, you need to ensure it’s has, tidy, and clean a complete petrol tank. Virtually all airports have gas stations situated just outside them essentially because of this actual objective.

Driving Standards in Spain

The Spanish, similar to the majority of mainland Europe, drive on the proper side of the highway. This may be very confusing for the huge Brits that visit. Moreover, I realized that all over the Sotheran Coastal region there have been plenty of street signs guiding and telling car owners to keep on the right – this is in recognition of the legions of British expats who’ve settled in the area!

Spaniards typically run manual vehicles. Automatic cars are very few and far between and in case you would like one, you need to consider booking well in front of the trip of yours to ensure they’ve one for you.

Driving standards are good but a bit quicker and also looser than what you’d generally notice in the UK or maybe the US. Speeding on the freeways is really well-known and I watched a great deal of really dodgy overtaking.

Even with this or even due to this, there are comparatively few traffic police available and you’re not likely being pulled over on the journey of yours.

Remember that including the Italians, a number of Spanish drivers do not seem troubled by the unusual bump, scratch or dent. Actually, it’s very common for motorists to intentionally get into the bumpers of cars parked before or even behind them to advance them along a little to facilitate parking – this exercise is known locally as “bumping”. When this is the case with your rental vehicle you are able to look to shed several of the deposit of yours. The one certain method to stay away from this is to be careful about the place you park.

To park a car in Spain

Among the drawbacks of traveling Spain with a car is parking in the cites as this could prove to become a major headache. Auto parking is often expensive and difficult in most major cities. A lot of the historic city centers lengthy predate the combustion engine and thus, the narrow streets can’t accommodate them. In case you’re staying in old Cordoba or Granada, there might well be not to park anywhere near the accommodation of yours. In Seville, we discovered a car park for six Euro each day though it was a great 5km from the apartment of ours.

You need to factor parking before you reserve some accommodation. A number of Air B n B’s offer on site parking and high end hotels have a tendency to provide on site parking also. Some other Air B n B’s might point you to probably the nearest car park but this might not constantly be the very best value so do make the own inquiries of yours.