Essential caravan and motorhome pre-journey checklists

Whether you’ve simply rolled your campers off the driveway or got a deal on a pre-owned design, there are some essential checks and essential packaging every person needs to do prior to triggering.

Start with the fundamentals:

The connection in between your automobile and campers needs to be secure. See to it of this by maintaining the towbar well kept as well as correctly fitted. Look for any corrosion or splits and tighten up any loose screws.

Wheels as well as tyres

Wheels as well as tires are fundamental to road safety so accomplish a visual check for any cuts, fractures, bulges or toenails over the whole walk area as well as sidewall.

The legal minimum walk depth is 1.6 mm (as it is for cars), yet more often than not caravan, motorhome and also trailer tyres need to be changed due to deterioration because of age rather than tread wear.

If your unit hasn’t been moved for a long time the tires may have developed flat places and also can require changing.

Appropriate tyre stress are vital so utilize a good quality stress gauge to check them.

Your manual will indicate the advised tyre stress, however if the tires have actually been replaced, or you’ve gotten a pre-owned unit, check that the requirements of the tire on the unit is the same as in the manual.


If your system’s handbrake has actually been left on for time, there’s a possibility the brake footwear may have seized to the brake drums. Examine the handbrake and make sure the wheels are cost-free running when unbraked.

Most campers utilize over-run brakes, a system where a sprung drawbar causes a lever to apply the campers’s wheel brake. If the system triggers individually on hills or works with a hold-up, you must seek the assistance of an expert.

It’s a great concept to have your brakes serviced at least once a year.

Like the lights on your vehicle, the electrics on your campers aid alert various other motorists when you use the brakes, or activate your indications so make sure you stock up with Autoleisure. It’s important these remain in functioning order for a secure journey.

Ensure you’ve attached your campers to the towbar so it rests level with your car, or with its nose directing somewhat downwards. A spirit level will help here.

You must have the ability to see plainly down both sides as well as behind your campers, 4 metres either side as well as much as 20 metres behind you.

You could land a ₤ 1,000 fine and 3 charge points if you create an accident as a result of this, so see to it you fit expansion mirrors if needed.
Number plate

It could seem evident, but make sure you have the same number plate fixed to the back of the caravan as the towing automobile.

Keep this in mind if you have actually transformed your cars and truck or intend on making a journey utilizing another person’s lorry.

Tidy both the drawback and also towball prior to you set off. If the pads are deeply polluted, they’ll require to be replaced.

Check the friction pad wear guide on your stabiliser hitch, after that wipe the pads with great wet-and-dry paper also.

Examine the fixing nuts have not come loose on fixed towballs. Some newer components will certainly utilize a coloured indicator to help, yet if you have any doubt concerning the protection of the towball dealing with or the pulling bracket, get it inspected by a towbar professional.

Check faucets on gas cylinders are switched off.

Separate the keys electrical, established the refrigerator to 12V mode as well as involve the traveling catch. Separate TELEVISION as well as keys cable televisions as well as stow them away safely.

Rain can enter into light installations as well as electrical links so examine all your roadway lights are working appropriately.

The electric link between the hauling lorry and the campers or trailer usually triggers problems, so it is always worth spending a couple of minutes to clean up the pins and also outlets.

Drain the water supply before detaching and stowing the pump. Vacant and also drain pipes the toilet flush container if essential.

Lastly, examine your papers. You’ll need insurance coverage and a valid MOT prior to you hit the trail.