Car hire in Italy

Sharing borders with France, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia as well as the small microstates of The Vatican and san Marino City, Italy is a land of stunning landscapes and ocean (from coastline to alpine) and flavoursome cuisine (many call it the slow food centre of the world), it’s likewise a nation endowed with an enduring cultural legacy enriched by more than 2,000 years of European design and art.

As an automobile hire broker we offer a huge selection of drop-off and pick-up choices in towns, cities & airports all over Italy, like Pisa, Rome and Milan, in addition to a lot of the idyllic islands of its. We use all of the world’s reputable automobile rental companies as well as the crème de la crème of the local car hire vendors, therefore in only a couple of clicks you are able to book the car hire of yours in Italy through the booking car of ours in the roof of the webpage. Simply choose your dates and destination also we will provide you with the absolute best selection of different categories and automobiles of any price comparison website in the market, often with added value offers like free extra drivers, GPS included, etc.

Residence of the mighty Roman Empire, Italy features far more UNESCO World Heritage Sites (more than sixty in) that is total than every other place on earth. Must-see attractions are the magnificent Duomo Cathedral in Florence (which took nearly 600 years to build!), the 12th century Leaning Tower of Pisa as well as the famous Colosseum in Rome, built in 70 80 AD.

Furthermore, you can’t miss Da Vinci’s The Last Supper in Milan plus Michelangelo’s famous paintings in the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel, to point out only a couple of. Plus there is Venice, a real life watercolour of glowing waterways and hitting Gothic architecture, in addition to Italy’s gorgeous Mediterranean islands, most particularly Sicily the biggest and Sardinia that had been first visited by the Phoenicians as long ago as nine BC.

Taking car hire in Italy is a remarkably exhilarating experience and in case you’ve any inquiries about getting close to the nation by automobile, then please contact us