Atlas Mountains: Your Adventure Guide

The Atlas Mountains are an enormous mountain range in North Africa, spanning through the west coast of Morocco, right across Tunisia plus Algeria. Although a lot of people connect the Atlas Mountains with Morocco, wherever they are at their highest, they are not really compact in Tunisia or Algeria either. The top point in Tunisia is Jebel ech Chambi, at more than 1500m, and also the Saharan Atlas mountains reach more than 2000m in Algeria. That is still clocking in more compared to the Scottish Highlands, but with drastically less midges!

Climb Mount Toubkal
A Quick Introduction to the Atlas Mountains

You will find scores of smaller mountain ranges which form the Atlas Mountains. The majority of them, easily, have the term Altas in them. Going about west to east, we have got: High Altas, Middle Anti-Atlas and Atlas mountains in Morocco; the Tell Atlas and Saharan Atlas mountains in Algeria; and the Aurès mountains which spread out across the border from Algeria into Tunisia. That is a great deal of mountains – some 2500km actually.

When you are likely to take a Day trip Atlas mountains, and then the location to visit will be the High Atlas in Morocco. Not that all those other mountain ranges are not fantastic in the very own right of theirs. The Saharan Atlas mark the northern border of the Sahara desert and also have imposing summits. The Tell Atlas benefit from a Mediterranian climate and forested slopes overlooking the ocean.

Atlas Mountains Peak: Mount Toubkal

We could not create a resource about the Atlas Mountains without offering Toubkal a mention. Jebel Toubkal (Jebel indicates mountain) may be the highest peak in the the total of the Atlas Mountains, do not mind Morocco. At a lofty 4,167 m above sea level, climbing this particular mountain is no mean feat. There’ll be ice between April and also October, though it might linger in sections that are tiny nicely into the summer months – despite scorching Moroccan temperatures. The snow line comes down as much as aproximatelly 1300m above sea level in winter and as much as 3000m in spring.

Climb Mount Toubkal in Winter

In case you’re going with a guided group, it’s typical to employ muleteers to help hold the belongings of yours on the snowline. That is a genuine cultural experience in itself. Lots of nearby individuals do the livelihoods of theirs from taking groups up the mountains. Local guide Mohamed is residing in the Atlas Mountains the majority of the life of his and also began the professional career of his by directing the mules for hiking groups, as a teen. These days he runs the own business of his and is supporting the community mountain community. “I’ve never paid a whole day in an office,” states Mohamed, “I today like to keep in the mountains than going right down to the city.”

Atlas Mountains Peaks: M’Goun

M’Goun is the next highest mountain in the Atlas Mountains and in Morocco. Just like the young brother of the heir to the throne, it has practically not one of the spotlight. Compared to Toubkal, nearly nobody climbs M’Goun, therefore it is a fantastic way to complete a 4000m peak in North Africa from the crowds. That’s whether you are able to bare to learn that another person may be standing on a summit that is a 100 metres higher.

The mountain is not an especially “technical” summit, but comes with opportunity that is excellent for very long trekking circuits when coupled with nearby ridges. Although watch the weather conditions – high winds are typical on the good and there are many accounts of hikers encountering flying rocks in the serious wind!

In case you’re likely to climb, the very best circumstances tend to be between October and June for a snow free route. It may be difficult to get M’Goun in winter due to big snowfall, could also block the pass and also make a chance to access the hike challenging.
There are additional Peaks…

Obviously, you will find many other peaks in the Atlas Mountains. Top is only the simplest way to identify a few intriguing ones. (In reality, in case you would like more summit fever, try out The seven Highest Peaks to Trek in Morocco.) Nevertheless, we receive it, level is not just about everything. You may not care about probably the tallest peaks. Perhaps you are looking to go to essentially the most culturally fascinating peak in the Atlas Mountains, or perhaps the only one with probably the funniest name or even the a camera which seems as a hippo.’ Fraid we cannot choose all of them out there for you, though a super quick little looking probably takes you into a lot more remote and uncommon activities.

Or perhaps, you can incorporate the Atlas Mountains with the coastline that they are all and so conveniently close to. Camping and also mountaineering are excellent, but you will find several more activities to be had. With the ocean so close by, it will be rude never to take a dip. Here is an instance itinerary for a journey which takes in climbing surfing and mountains in Morocco. Sure, it was penned in 2017 therefore use the details with a touch of salt, though the normal gist must continue to stand. All things considered, the sea and the mountains are not going anywhere quick.