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External / USB / Portable Hard Drive Repair and Recovery

How to recover data from an external hard drive? 

External USB portable hard disk drive contains a standard hard disk in a case and a USB interface adaptor. Therefore, some of these units can be more prone to issues related to hard disk drives. The interface and the external case might cause other problems. You may witness some mechanical fault caused by dropping/ knocking over the external or portable hard drives. Thus, it seemed to hear a ticking sound when the hard drive was powered on the next time. In such cases also you can recover the valuable data from your USB portable hard disk once you exactly determine the fault and repair the hard drive correctly. 

Data Clinic helps you to solve all forms of “Rugged” external hard disk drive problems. Whatever external USB portable hard drive is brought to us, we can detect the fault, repair it correctly, and recover the data. There are two main problems that seem in external hard disk drive related issues- 

Impact damage – The impact of knocking/banging /dropping over drives may cause your drives to suffer from various problems.

Overheating – 

External drives may tend to overheat when the external case doesn’t get adequate ventilation. To combat the building up of temperature, many devices contain a fan inside their cases. But in general, many external hard drives don’t contain any ventilation. 

What are the symptoms if hard drives get dropped/knocked/overheated? 

  • If you drop your hard drive, you’ll get to hear a musical or ticking sound when it is next powered on. This is one of the indications of the possible damage to the motor, read or write heads, and you have to recover data then. 
  • On knocking over the drive, you’ll get an indication of the seized spindle when the drive makes a buzzing noise, and in such case, data is mostly recoverable. 
  • You’ll get to hear noises from your external hard disk when your drive is overheated. Your computer will run slowly then, or your drive would die out suddenly, and the BIOS won’t be able to recognize it. 

Drives can be prone to other issues such as logical failure, mechanical failure, bad sectors, etc., where the symptoms are different. 


Data Clinic team assists you in recovering data from severely damaged external or USB portable hard drives with the help of a spin stand. Always repair  portable external drive and don’t continue to use it as this may cause more damage to the unit. Also, don’t let the system run a repair utility on the hard drive