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What information is displayed on an EPC?

This guide contains information about Energy Performance Certificates. These certificates are an important document which outlines the energy consumption of a property and its typical energy costs. They are required by law since 2008, much in the same way as gas safety certificates.
What is an Energy Performance Certificate, (EPC),?

A coloured sticker is always included with every appliance purchase. It tells you how energy-efficient the appliance is. This applies to buildings as well. Each building has an EPC ranking ranging from A, which is the most efficient, up to G, which is the least efficient. You can see how much it costs to heat up or cool down your house by rating.

An EPC gives information about the property’s energy use, typical energy costs, and makes recommendations on ways to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency. You must order this certificate if you are selling or renting a property. It may still be valid and you can use the EPC that you received when you bought the property.

EPCs are available for all properties that have one at the national EPC Register.

Do I require an EPC

EPCs have been required by law since 2008, regardless of whether you’re selling or renting out a property. You will also need an EPC if you have a commercial property you wish to lease or sell.

There are some exceptions to the requirement for an EPC. They include:

A rented room in a house.
Some types are listed buildings
An inert property is one that can’t be altered to make it more energy-efficient.

How much does an EPC Cost?

EPCs should not be charged, regardless of whether you are renting or buying. It should be provided free of cost by the seller/landlord (or their agent).

A commissioning of an EPC for your personal use can help you reduce energy use. However, you will need to pay for it. The cost of an EPC can be anywhere from PS35 to PS120, so make sure to shop around for a few quotes.
What information is shown on an EPC?

An EPC is a multi-coloured sticker found on household appliances. It will include:

An energy efficiency rating
The estimated cost of operating your home
Below is a summary of the energy performance features

An EPC will give you an energy efficiency rating that will indicate how energy-efficient your property is. This is, as we said before, a rating from A to G.

An older property without retrofitted energy saving technology will usually be a D grade. Landlords must achieve an E grade or they can face a fine of up to PS4,000 if they fail to meet this minimum efficiency requirement.

You can see the energy efficiency of different parts of your house by reviewing the summary of energy performance features. This guide will help you to determine which areas should be addressed first to improve your home’s energy efficiency.
Who can do an EPC

An EPC can only be issued by an EPC Assessor accredited in domestic energy assessment. An estate agent or letting agent will be able to locate one for you. You can also search the EPC Register for one in your region.