Viewing student houses: what to look for

Far too many pupils succumb to expensive traps when renting. Stay away from unpleasant surprises before you sign with the ideas of ours and printable viewing checklist! May the odds permanently be in the favour of yours.

According to our National Student Accommodation Survey, one half of pupils feel their uni family home is very poor quality for some money.

Therefore, fight the home hunt frenzy and view properties properly. It is the opportunity of yours to make an informed choice as well as stay away from shelling out to exist in an area you resent.

Sure, there’s a great deal to really think about: from moist to deposits to bus stops, you are able to never ever do an excessive amount of investigation – but our suggestions below will help make life simpler. We have also received a printable viewing checklist which means you are able to score as well as compare properties!
How you can get ready for home viewings

Where to look for pupil properties

Local pupil allowing organizations have become the clear position to begin, although several pupils choose dealing directly with the landlord.

There is an additional level of protection when choosing an agency, as they will serve as a middleman between yourselves as well as the landlord. Theoretically, this ensures that things are accomplished by the book – though the costs might be higher.

When you are considering really going on the landlord route, check in together with your faculty accommodation service because they might have a listing of accredited landlords in the region.
What to search for when viewing a pupil house

In the experience of ours, there are a number things that are important to look out for when considering or viewing student housing Lancaster:


Laws on the criteria of rented housing are becoming even better, but our recent accommodation survey revealed twenty nine % of pupils experience severe moist plus dark-gray mould.

Do not be tricked into thinking damp just appears a tad gross – additionally, it smells gross, could destroy your furnishings and garments, and may lead to severe health problems (especially in case you are afflicted by hayfever, asthma or maybe any other situations which could change the breathing) of yours.

When looking at a home, check throughout the walls & ceilings – especially around windows, sides and behind wardrobes. Watch out for flaking wallpaper or paint, black mould patches along with a musky scent, as these are all tell tale signs, also.

In case you move in and realize that the landlord still has not sorted out the damp problem, do a little research into the rights of yours as you might be ready to sue them.
Infestation problems

Infestations are another huge problem in pupil houses. Most common pests include mice, pigeons, fruit flies, slugs, cockroaches and at times even rats!

To be good, this is usually because of previous tenants making food and overflowing bins spread all around. But even so, you should not be having to pay for earlier tenants’ squalor.

Do not hesitate to check out kitchen cabinets, work surfaces and also around bins. Search for traps, droppings and also slug trails.

On the best floor, tune in out for pigeons nesting in the attic. Trust us, they can easily be very, very irritating – as almost all unwelcome visitors can!

The place of the property

All of us understand just how essential location happens when selecting where to reside (the much less time needed you to come of bed for in your lectures, the greater, right?).

If a home near uni is a bit way too expensive, it is essential to determine exactly how close properties are to good transport links.

But proximity to uni (or maybe a method to have to uni) is not the single thing to think about when considering places. On your trip to the viewing, be on the lookout for regional amenities as newsagents, of course, doctors and, supermarkets, pubs.
Safety and security

However, crime rates in pupil areas tend to be significant. Opportunists understand that people that are young coming home drunk at night are much more prone to keep glass windows and doors opened, and ignore that their keys continue to be within the front door (we’ve all been there).

Protection is one thing that each and every pupil must just take seriously when viewing a home. Question if there is a burglar alarm operating system (bonus!) and also see that the doors are properly secured – especially which the key door to the structure has secured entry.

If you are concerned about protection, mention this to the landlord of yours. They do not wish some break-ins either, therefore it is very likely that they will be pleased to develop locks and entry points to secure the custom of yours (and the home from thieves!).

When you do not understand the spot too well, do a little bit of research to discover how safe it’s. Houses on well-lit major roads are usually the most secure. Quiet areas might appeal to several pupils, though they are able to have their downsides with regards to crime. But wherever your home is, check out the guide of ours to keeping it protected from burglars.

Additionally, remember to check out the home has functioning fire alarm systems, extinguishers plus fire blankets. Plus, in case you are within an HMO (house in several occupation), there should also be clearly marked emergency exits.

If you will be residing in a team of 6 or maybe even more pupils, the landlord must abide by stringent HMO regulations. Annoyingly, despite being a legitimate requirement, these laws could be difficult to implement. They can be found for your comfort and security, and so check up on whatever they include by looking online or even asking the neighborhood council of yours.