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Tips for finding a tradesman you can trust

It’s very common to hear horror stories about cowboy tradesmen who rip off homeowners by overcharging for botch jobs.

Based on Santander Insurance Group, a worrying 1 in 5 British homeowners have fallen victim to cowboy workmen and paid an average of £1,592 to restore the destruction caused.

Nevertheless, there’s actions you are able to take to defend yourself and also stop rogue traders benefiting from you.

Ten tips on how to locate a trustworthy tradesman

Word of mouth

To begin with, ask family and friends for suggestions of tradesmen that have done job that is great for them in previous times.

Search online

You will find scores of sites which assist individuals find reliable tradesmen. All you’ve to accomplish is register, explain the job you would like done then wait for tradesmen to communicate with you with quotes. And most sites won’t ask you for a penny to use the service of theirs.

These sites also enable you to examine what many other clients have reported about a firm’s reliability, its quality of general value and effort for some money. You are able to then pick the tradesman who you believe will do the very best job.

Nevertheless, keep in your mind that certain tradesmen will spend to feature on these kinds of sites, and so make sure you’re cautious and try to read customer recommendations thoroughly to make sure you employ a dependable firm.

Hunt for a firm which is TrustMark registered

TrustMark is a not for profit organisation supported by Government, the construction market and consumer help groups meant to allow you to find reliable tradesmen.

To be able to be encouraged on this particular site firms need to be first approved through a number of independent checks on the specialized abilities of theirs, economic status, trading records. They should also possess a good complaints system in place.

Take a look at trade association sites

If a tradesman is signed as much as a trade body it’s much more apt they are going to be responsible and professional. This’s because the majority of trade bodies handle standard checks and need a firm to be of a particular degree of experience before they are able to register.

Trade body sites , like the Federation of The Association or master Builders of Plumbers and Heating Contractors for instance, typically have’ find a tradesman’ areas on the websites of theirs or maybe a hotline you are able to call for information.

Once again, be mindful that a few cowboy firms attempt to fake pay or membership to join so it’s usually well worth double checking the membership of theirs with the appropriate body. Learn More Here

Be leery of ice cold callers

Keep in mind that the majority of reliable tradesmen are booked very well ahead of time so it’s not likely they will have some time to’ cold-call’.

It’s thus not wise to employ a tradesman with telephoned you or maybe knocked on your doorstep to market their services if you weren’t wanting it. They might well be eager for work for a purpose.

It’s also crucial you look out for tradesmen who attempt to confuse you with complex jargon or perhaps are very pushy and intense when conversing with you. Never ever feel pressured into getting someone there and then, a conscientious tradesman would expect you going away and do your research first.

Ask for references

Consistently ask the tradesman of yours for 2 or maybe 3 references from previous clients before you decide to provide them the task. You are able to then contact these individuals to discover exactly how satisfied they have been the contractor and the job of theirs.