The Benefits to Spray Painting a Conservatory

It may surprise you to hear that at least one half of the homeowners we’ve spoken to about painting do not like the manner by which their conservatory looks. This is usually because it’s produced from either untreated timber or white UPVC.

Fortunately, you are able to obtain it spray painted to alter the looks of its, but must you do it? In order to help you determine, we will lay out the advantages below.

It is less than replacing

The regular cost to paint a little conservatory or maybe orangery (3,000mm square) is £1,380 including VAT. A large conservatory (up to 5,500mm square) will set you back £2,520 with VAT included. This is at least 5x cheaper compared to replacement.

If there’s absolutely nothing functionally wrong with the conservatory of yours, replacing it will be a misuse of material. uPVC spray painting it is cheaper and better for the planet.

It is able to modernise an older style

If your conservatory is old fashioned (made from unpainted timber or maybe white uPVC) and then having it painted will modernise it.

Our potential customers typically aim for a grey finish like RAL 7016 anthracite grey, as this imitates the look of aluminium.

You will not be ready to tell it’s been painted

Our conservatory paintwork may be so convincing it is going to appear as though your conservatory was initially set up on its unique colour.

As part of the service of ours we provide to squirt the outside and internal frames. It is your decision whether to choose both. The most convincing appearance happens when we spray the inside and beyond a conservatory for a regular look.

The surface will last

In case you’ve issues around the lifetime of the painted finish on the conservatory of yours, you truly don’t have to be concerned. We offer a ten year warranty with our spray painting tasks, meaning we are looking for the color to work for a minimum of a decade.

The truth is we’ve been spray painting surfaces for more than a decade, and lots of of the surfaces we sprayed more than a decade ago really are like brand new. We offer free aftercare, so in case you’ve some problems, we will look after you.

Anyway, is it all well worth it?

If you’ve a conservatory which is older or perhaps from place, getting it painted could change its look. Having it spray painted by a professional is certainly well worth it, and particularly set alongside the price of replacement.