The Benefits Of A Boiler Maintenance Plan vs Boiler Servicing Only

we understand how vital it’s you prevent your family warm, secure and happy virtually all year round and that is exactly why we provide each boiler servicing and maintenance preparations to all of the customers of ours.

And so in this short article we are likely to learn the big difference between a boiler maintenance plan vs having your boiler serviced the moment annually in a bid to determine which plan suits the wants of yours and also provide you with probably the most benefits in general when compared?
What’s a Boiler Service?

Working with a boiler service once annually is not only a recommendation, in many instances a yearly boiler service will likely be expected to keep the appliance of yours under warranty.

When you’ve a boiler service the engineer will visually examine the boiler to make sure it meets all of the existing demands and standards for security, a check for leaks and oxidation will even take place. When this is done the engineer will subsequently eliminate the cover of the boiler and check out the inner factors to make sure things are running properly.

During a boiler service the flues plus gas pressure will additionally be examined subsequently the engineer will fire up the boiler like a final check.

When there is any small problem found during the process virtually all engineers will do their utmost to resolve the issue right there or even counsel you on the following strategy which must be taken, any additional fixes which are needed may cost extra in this particular situation.

Creating an annual service is in addition a legal necessity for landlords.

Boiler services are important since they guarantee the product is running efficiently and safely, which allows the house of yours to be warmed up in the simplest way for both the wallet of yours and also the earth. Most boiler services take around thirty minutes to finish a one off boiler service is able to cost you anywhere between sixty and 120 based on the area of yours and also the program you select.

Validates The Guarantee of yours
Extends Boilers Life
Maximises Energy Efficiency
Ensures Boiler is Operating Safely


Pay for Repairs
Pay for Service
Not Covered in the Event of a description

Today, we are planning to take a brief introduction to what a maintenance program is and just how it could help you.
What’s A Boiler Maintenance Plan?

A boiler maintenance program is a boiler insurance policy which covers you in the function of any malfunction or maybe breakdown with the equipment of yours.

Boiler Maintenance programs range in price from seven per month to nineteen per month however whilst costs may differ along with other maintenance and services providers.

As our boiler maintenance program is annual a minimum term contract of 12 weeks is expected to make use of any of our boiler maintenance plans.


Small Monthly Payments
Boiler Service Included
Covers Cost of Unexpected Breakdowns
Peace of Mind


Extra monthly expense
Only Eligible for New and Inspected Boilers

Do I Want A Boiler Maintenance Plan?

Sometimes the boiler of yours might be covered with your house insurance so that it might well be worth learning in case you are already paying out for boiler coverage before you are taking another policy.

Renters should not have to stress about the boiler of theirs as the landlord of theirs must maintain it for you, nevertheless, you might be ready to draw away the own policy of yours with your landlord’s permission.

Taking a maintenance program out on the whole is a great idea when creating a brand new boiler stalled or perhaps post having your boiler inspected, unless you wish to remain out in the cold with a huge repair bill paying for.