Living in Halls vs. Living Privately

So you are intending to enter third or second year and you have got to begin thinking about the accommodation of yours. Which looks like the most effective option: residing in halls or perhaps a home share? This is a question that most of Faculty is going to ask themselves, particularly having encountered the delights (or maybe horrors in a number of cases!) of living in University owned halls during the first year of theirs. Still undecided about what path to take? Do not worry, we have got an entire list of cons and pros to living in houses and halls, which means you are able to make the decision that is best for you.

Personal Housing

Newcastle student accommodation is able to take three various forms. For starters (and many often) is sharing accommodation with a team of friends – typically individuals you have lived with in year that is first, or maybe buddies off the course of yours. If so, you will go hunting for a property in concert. Second, in case you do not know any person who you wish to discuss with, however need to live with individuals, you are able to find an area in a shared home. Lastly, you are able to rent an area of your own, but this is a great deal more expensive, and is not a practical option for the vast majority of pupils.


• In most instances, you will want to target the individuals whom you live with, therefore you will all get along. There’ll be no demand trying to awkwardly force discussion from which one flatmate that sits in their bedroom all the time, or even cleaning up somebody you actually hates’ mess!
• You are able to invite friends over any time you want, with no power setting meeting times.
• Private cover is much more comfortable as much as the family room and kitchen is worried, as it will be put in place like a real home. Long gone would be the awkward communal areas!
• You are able to find properties with broad sorts of budgets, whether you are planning to spend as little as you can on rent, or do not care about splashing out for somewhere a little nicer. In comparison, halls are usually very costly and region are all around similar price bracket.


• If you originated from existing in halls with your very own private bathroom, sadly, that is not likely to function as the case any longer. You will all need to ensure you get showered and prepared each morning promptly so that none of you’re late for lectures.
• It may be costly to uncover a home – doing it by way of a letting agent means costs and profits that do not need to be paid out if going through individual halls (although deposits is needed for both).

Halls of Accommodation

You will find 2 different kinds of halls of residence: University owned people (more than likely the people you remained in, in original year) and personal boots, that are run by various other businesses. Faculty halls are mainly for initial years, with about 10 15 % of dwellers next and final year students; whereas individual halls are open for everybody from all the Universities.


• You will not have to be concerned about saving money for water and electricity costs as these will be incorporated in the rent (the bulk of individual accommodation however, doesn’t incorporate bills in the rent).
• If you are seeking to meet people that are new, halls present a fantastic opportunity as you will be surrounded by other pupils!
• Halls have a tendency to have a handy location close by on the Faculty, so you will not have to cover bus fare. In comparison, generally the less expensive the private casing, the further away it is located.
• Living in halls are extremely safe as protection is high, moreover usually key codes and fobs are required to also go into the building.