How to choose kitchen cabinet hardware

When renovating, you will find numerous choices to make and the benefits of choosing suitable cabinetry hardware is often underestimated. The fact is, cabinet handles, knobs & pulls would be the touchpoints to the joinery of yours, and also could make or even break the completed look and knowledge of the brand new house of yours. With a wide range of hardware on the market to select from, we have put together this guide to selecting the very best hardware for the home of yours.

Quality Every Time

Your cabinet hardware is likely to be a workhorse, taking in the everyday grind of the home of yours. It’s important your cabinet hardware is comfy wear as well as long-lasting.

Fundamentally, you get everything you buy.

Comfort vs Functionality

Invest in quality that is very good, well designed plus ergonomic hardware. Nothing is more irritating than impractical hardware, regardless of how great it may look.

The performance of hardware is opening and close joinery with the hand of yours. Any hardware you decide on will need to be quickly gripped. Make certain your hands comfortably fit around or even into the door handles you choose. If specifying originating from a showroom, bring the partner of yours in to’ test drive’ the handles too.

Give consideration to the edges – can they be uncomfortable or sharp in any way?
Does it meet your hand properly Are they going to be enjoyable wear long term?

At the conclusion of the day, choose comfort and ease, particularly in high use areas such as for instance the cooking area, and also remember to always consider function over form. If it is joinery you’ll occasionally use, but usually look at, you are able to go a little more’ offbeat’.

Cabinet Knobs, T Bars, Pull Handles or perhaps Edge Pulls?

The question will frequently arise as to what kind of hardware to pick and this decision is able to affect considerably on the functionality of the space of yours. There’s no wrong or right answer.

Benefits of Cabinet Knobs

Cabinet knobs are an easy solution and straight ahead to install. Single fixing points enable knobs being more quickly changed and can easily be traded out in case your individual style or taste changes as time passes.

For square knobs, our high quality models provide a locating pin to prevent them rotating – ensure your installer employs it!

Benefits of T-Bars

A contemporary version of a knob, they’re also extremely simple to work with. They look great set up on a horizontal or vertical orientation.

High-quality T bars from Joseph Giles have locating pins to avoid them rotating, allowing ever perfect alignment – again ensure your installer employs them.

Benefits of Pull Handles

Pulls Handles are a deluxe appearance, providing the opportunity for statement hardware and that is still simple to work with.

From a practical standpoint, pull door handles are usually needed for integrated fridges so that it might appear rational to connect the deal with choice in together with the remainder of the joinery of yours.

verall, most hardware has disadvantages and advantages, and usually the most effective joinery features a carefully curated blend of function. Above all, pick cabinet hardware which is cozy on the hands of yours since you are going to use them often; rounded surfaces are far less prone to aggravate you than a sharp square edge. Remember that a few rail and post handles or maybe knobs with large overhangs or’ sticky out bits’ could annoyingly get caught on clothes when placed on underbench joinery. If this is like simply being an issue, pick hardware having a smooth, curved profile.

Absolutely no Handles

In case you’re after a streamlined appearance, it could be tempting to not set up some hardware at all.

Remember that touch catch, or maybe push-to-open drawers and also cabinets could look sleek but have several issues to consider. Cupboards or drawers are able to pop open when you lean against them to prep cook or food. Additionally you have to rather carefully push them closed, that may be far more work than by hand touching a drawer shut. Pushing on the counter to open will constantly leave fingerprints, that will be a little more apparent on dark paintwork.

Cut out handles likewise could become tricky as dirty kitchen hands will continuously be making surface marks. Remember these can’t be replicated on an integrated fridge so a handle continues to be necessary.

Moulded finger pull door handles along the leading edge of your respective joinery provides for a streamlined, contemporary appearance. If you use these, be sure your benchtop is overhanging the pull. To attain the very same feature, edge pull handles along the profile of the cabinetry are a fashionable and more useful solution.


Hardware must actually be the very last thing you want to finish the design of yours. Before selecting hardware, very first think about what style you’ve chosen for the joinery of yours.

Joinery fits into three major categories: transitional, traditional, and contemporary.


Minimalistic cabinets with flat fronted joinery call for easy, geometric handles or perhaps edge pulls which can potentially uphold a contemporary and sleek look.


Traditional-style cabinets often times have doors with ornate profiles. This ornamental style of joinery is able to support a far more complex hardware design. Choose cup or even pull handles for bin drawers, latches for under sink cupboards & knobs or even pull handles for overhead cupboards.


If somewhere in between standard is far more appropriate to your style and taste of home, pairing contemporary minimalist kitchens with old world style handles could make a beautiful, transitional look. Shaker style cabinets are flexible and can be combined with both contemporary and traditional handles. To stay constant, choose contemporary handles with minimal curve that will include a much softer and the usual touch.

Select hardware which is in line with the design of the design of yours – which includes the shapes of your respective selected tapware, cooker, lighting, joinery, countertop profile.

Materiality & Finishes

Choosing the materiality & finish of the hardware of yours is approached in a wide range of ways.