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Choosing your student accommodation: what to consider

You’ve submitted your application to uni. Now it’s time for the fun part, choosing the right accommodation. You have two main options for accommodation in your first year. There are university halls and private rooms. Each offers a variety of room options. Each accommodation option has pros and cons that will suit your needs and budget.
Do your research before you decide where you want to live. Check out Student Source to see all your options.
University halls

Unless you have to clear the process, most universities will offer accommodation guarantee for your first year. For most students, university halls are their first choice. These halls can help them transition to independent living. Open days are a great way for you to learn more about the university and also look at different Leicester uni accommodation options.

What are the expectations once you have moved into halls? Your new home will contain a fully furnished bedroom with ensuite facilities, a shared bath and access to a fully equipped kitchen and living space. Halls are great for making new friends. Halls are usually located on campus or close by, which makes them easy to access for lectures and student union. Some halls may offer catering services, so you can either go full-board or self cater.

Private Halls

You can share your accommodation in privately managed halls with other universities around the city. This will allow you to make new friends and expand your social networks. Although this accommodation option is not managed by the university, it will usually have all the essential amenities. However, the weekly cost will reflect this. Expect large communal living spaces and kitchen areas. There are also options for shared bathrooms or ensuites.

The student loan might not be sufficient to cover private accommodation costs. Make sure to budget appropriately to ensure that you are able to meet any unexpected expenses. Not all private accommodation has the same contract length as university halls. Some may even be up to 52 weeks. Access to major city attractions is easy because most of the main halls can be found in prime locations.