Benefits of Using Tiebacks for Curtains and Drapes

By including a pair of curtain tie backs or maybe holdbacks, you are able to turn possibly even the easiest curtains or maybe draperies into jaw dropping home decor statements.

Curtain tie backs are extras that collect and keep curtains open. Tiebacks wrap around a curtain, occasionally attaching to a connect on the wall. They could likewise take a curtain in the midst of a window and hang freely.

Unlike curtain holdbacks or perhaps knobs, curtain tie backs are made from flexible materials as cloth, rope or cord.

Let us discover the top 5 reasons to include tie backs for your drapes or curtains!

Five Great things about Using Tiebacks for Drapes & curtains

Curtain tie backs are not merely for style! They also provide a little functional benefits, which makes them a must have for every pair of window treatments.

Using tie backs for window treatments or even drapes can:

Control light and privacy
Put style
Keep curtains in place
Help keep curtains clean
Reduce curtain wear and tear

  1. Control mild and privacy

Curtain tie backs help you manage the volume of light in the bedroom of yours.

Generally, magnetic curtain tie backs really should hang one third of the way up through the bottom part of the curtain. For instance, in case your curtain is eighty four inches in length, you will put the tieback approximately twenty eight inches from the bottom part. A tieback for a 36 inch long cafe curtain will be positioned twelve inches from the bottom part.

Nevertheless, these’re not difficult and fast rules. The quantity of light you let in can vary based on how low or high you connect the tie backs to the curtains of yours. High tie backs allow probably the most light in, while lower tie backs permit significantly less light in and appear much more significant.

When you require privacy, you are able to take away the curtain tie backs. Releasing the tie backs enable curtains to close very easily.

  1. Add style

Without tie backs, curtains are able to seem plain and unfinished.

Curtain tie backs include a decorative contact and are made with an assortment of substances. Tiebacks are able to dress a curtain up or maybe down and will complement and contrast with the curtain’s color.

If you’ve massive windows with many curtain panels, tying draperies in the center could be better than tying them on the edge.

  1. Keep curtains in place

If you enjoy opening the windows of yours for a number of fresh air, you will certainly need to include tie backs to your drapes or curtains. Wind is able to blow your curtains around outside and inside.

Using curtain tie backs can help make curtains nicely in place, minimizing movement plus too much drafts.

  1. Keep curtains clean

When curtains are available in exposure to the outside air, you can think they will get dusty quicker.

Using curtain tie backs helps make curtains still, reducing exposure with dirt and reducing cleaning costs.

Tiebacks also prevent increased dust from gathering on sections which are merely hanging wide open. You will probably find yourself making use of the duster or maybe vacuum attachment a bit less often!

  1. Reduce curtain wear and tear

Do you wrestle to go or even open your curtains?

Some curtain styles (like rod pocket curtains) hang firmly on the curtain rod of yours, making them difficult to go.

In case you open and close your curtains daily, using curtain tie backs enables you to regulate them very easily. Tiebacks keep the curtains of yours from tattering and minimize damage on your curtain rod as time passes.