The Story of the Fjallraven Kanken Range

Along with being a child’s name that is commonly utilized in Sweden, the Kanken is Fjallraven’s most famous product to date.

Introduced in 1978, it’s fair to state the Fjallraven Kanken backpack has been around for a fair amount of time currently. It’s become renowned and also very closely related to the brand, known as one of their hero items however the story of how the Kanken bag became is even more thoughtful than you ‘d believe.

Not simply an amazing design that the designers at Fjallraven thought would fly off the shelf, the Kanken backpack was produced in the 70s in reaction to records that school children were suffering from backache and also various other back troubles as a result of utilizing backpacks that weren’t developed especially for them, so out of a take care of the more youthful generation, the Kanken Fjallraven backpack was born.

The design of the Kanken backpack could look standard yet it’s entirely thought about as well as the fact that the easy design of this bag hasn’t transformed for 35 years recommends it’s been a success. Among the reasons the Kanken backpack was so commonly approved by children nevertheless was except its ergonomic attributes but the huge selection of colours.

Although 2019 brings with it one of the most considerable Kanken variety yet to hit the shops, this collection of backpacks has always used a huge selection of colours to guarantee kids had a choice when selecting their backpack and Fjallraven recognized that physical design alone wasn’t going to sell these bags to young people yet the capability to select a colour that displayed their character would certainly.

The backpack may have continued to be the same yet the Kanken range all at once has grown. This collection is no more just backpacks yet a whole host of matching devices that tackle the same famous design attributes to permit you to finish your collection and be as arranged as possible.

The Kanken collection now additionally includes pencil instances, travel wallets, amazing bags, keyrings, tablet computer and also laptop computer situations and card holders yet the brand-new additions to the range don’t finish there.

For years, the Kanken backpack was a one dimension fits all with one classic design in one set of measurements yet the collection now not just features the Kanken mini which is a smaller sized backpack for both grownups and children, you can likewise buy backpacks larger than the original, Kanken clutch bags as well as messenger design bags.

What Fjallraven has actually made with the Kanken collection is a motivation to all various other developers. An item that was made to offer a purpose as well as fix a trouble has stood the test of time as well as reproduced an entire range of added products that fit with the very same visual motif and can be made use of along with each other but likewise have their very own special features and also marketing factors.

A brilliant layout alone wouldn’t have made the Kanken backpack gather the popularity it has, it had to relocate with the times as well as expanding the range and also frequently upgrading the designs are the factors this backpack has actually remained feeling fresh and existing and continued to attract people of all ages throughout the years.