Pros and Cons of Pre Bonded Hair Extensions

When you are seeking to get some good hair extensions equipped, it could be frustrating to determine which ones going for. You will find numerous various techniques of application, all with their very own disadvantages and advantages. In this particular article I am going to examine 1 of the favorite types of mine of extension? pre bonded hair extensions, and also I will describe the pros and cons of utilizing these to enable you to create the choice of yours on if they are ideal for you.
What are Pre Bonded Hair Extensions?

Pre bonded hair extensions are connected to the hair of yours by implementing a heat gun to connect the extension to the hair style. The bond is made from keratin that a protected natural bonding agent which will not trigger some harm to the hair style of yours. Be sure you purchase the extensions of yours from a reliable retailer, as low quality extensions are created from adhesives that are more difficult to remove without damaging the hair of yours. Pre bonded hair extensions are among the most famous kinds of hair extension readily available and have made it despite new types such as for instance micro loop extensions being introduced.

The word pre bonded derives from the keratin bond at the conclusion of the strand of hair. Pre bonded extensions are known as utip or maybe nail tip extensions, these are precisely the same thing. The u in utip describes the u shape of the keratin, that also looks as a nail. Stick tip hair extensions are additionally a kind of pre bonded extension.
Advantages of micro bond hair extensions

Strands imply you are able to quickly put in a mix of colors to add highlights They last for a selection of weeks, therefore they offer a very good value for money. You are able to go for as much as six weeks without replacing them.
Doesn’t need regular maintenance Available made from hundred % human hair.
Generally available at a cheaper cost per strand than other kinds of hair extension.
If the hair extensions of yours continue to be in condition that is good by time your own hair continues to grow on, you are able to start using your extensions about. Before you are able to accomplish this, you are going to need the stands of yours to be rebonded by a professional.

Disadvantages of Pre Bonded Hair Extensions.

If hair gets pulled out the strand it’s unavailable permanently.
Application required specialist gear as the bonding agent requires heat to fuse.
Removal of the extensions need a specialist removal formula for breaking down the bonding agent, you’re perfect watching a specialized hairstylist to eliminate them and also stay away from damaging the hair of yours.
Oil products shouldn’t be utilized on the bonds like might fail the keratin and ease the bond.
The place that the bond is, the hair of yours will not be as soft as hair that is healthy.