Factors to Consider When Buying a Diamond

Seven Factors to think about When purchasing a Diamond

When you Buy diamond it may be frustrating, but understanding the following seven characteristics of diamonds can help you think like an experienced jeweller and make it much easier to determine which diamond to get.
The Diamond’s 4C’s

First we need to look at the four C’s, that are Carat, Colour, Cut and Clarity, after which we are going to introduce you to the fundamental diamond shapes, and also fluorescence & diamond certificates.

  1. Carat

Gemologists measure a diamond’s mass in metric carats. Each carat equals 200 milligrams or perhaps 0.2 grams. Each carat may be categorized into hundred points with every point equaling only one one hundredth of a carat. This permits extremely accurate measurements on the hundredth decimal place. The majority of the diamonds which you are going to see as you shop have their fat mentioned in carats or maybe a portion of a carat, though you may discover an additional small stone containing its body weight listed in points. Take care not to mistake diamond carat with stone size.

  1. Colour

Just a couple of diamonds are genuinely colourless. The majority of them are available in varying shades of brown and yellow. After a stone is mined, it’s delivered to a gem lab exactly where gemologists grade the colour of its with a scale which starts with D (colourless) and finishes with Z (light yellow). Colourless diamonds are best and therefore the most pricy. We normally advise choosing diamonds between D plus I maximum.

  1. Clarity

As diamonds are created far below the planet’s surface, they get external blemishes and internal inclusions. Clarity refers to the amount, role and type of these imperfections. Diamond quality is graded on a scale which starts with Loupe Clean (LC) and also will continue to Piqu three (P3).

  1. Cut

A diamond’s cut describes each of the little features and also perspectives that’re cut into the gem to improve its reflection of light. A badly cut diamond is lifeless and dull, while a stone with excellent facets and also angles interacts effectively with light to create: Brightness? that’s the manifestation of yellow light, Fire? that will be the scattering of light in all of the colors on the rainbow and Sparkles or scintillation? that are induced by dark and light patterns within the gem. The cut grade is split into three parameters: Proportions, Polish, Symmetry. Each parameter is evaluated individually based on various quality grades: Excellent (EX), Very Good (VG), Good (G) and Fair (F).

The Diamond Shapes, Fluorescence along with Certificates five. Shapes

Diamonds are available in different shapes. The round brilliant cut is probably the most popular and best diamond shape. Round diamonds are very prized, because they’ve probably the most brilliance.

The other diamond shapes belong in the fancy shapes. Several of them, like the marquise, heart and pear, are really adjustments of the round great cut, even though the square or maybe rectangular shapes, like the asscher, are step cuts. All fancy shaped diamonds have different amounts of scintillation and also fire.

  1. Fluorescence

A little portion, about 25 30 %, of diamonds give off a light blue glow when they’re subjected to the UV rays in sunlight. Although a diamond’s fluorescence is tough to find out with the naked eye, on certain events, a lot of fluorescence helps make the stone look hazy.

When you would like to learn exactly how much fluorescence a particular stone has, look at its lab report. Gem labs rate diamonds with fluorescence as nil, medium, slight, or perhaps powerful (according to the HRD Antwerp gem lab).

  1. Certificates

The best means purchasing a diamond is usually to buy only one which has a certificate issued by a respected gem laboratory. The primary gem labs are classified as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD) and also the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

Certificates guarantee a diamond’s quality by specifically listing its cut, colour, weight and clarity, and also defend the expenditure of the customer by supporting the gem maintain the value of its good after a while.