Evil Bikes Brand Guide

Try finding a new Dream Mountain Bike out of Evil Bikes, 1 of our favorite and revolutionary Pacific Northwest American Mountain Bike Builders primarily based within Bellingham, WA.

Precisely why you will need an Evil Mountain Bike

Evil is a little Seattle based mountain bike business which makes high end bikes for serious riders that would like the absolute best. Carbon fibre frames designed around Dave Weagle’s DELTA suspension structure mix to generate several of the most difficult, meanest, rowdiest bicycles on the earth.

The 2021 Evil Bikes Lineup:

Evil The Wreckoning Mountain Bikes

The Wreckoning is really a 29er with substantial quantities of traveling which feeds on big terrain and gravity. It is a confidence inspiring monter pickup truck on wheels which will provide you wondering if there is something it cannot handle.

Specialized specifications:

Available Colors: Coral Reefer, Blackout Drunk

Frame details: UD Carbon, Full Internal Cable Routing, Integrated Chain Guide, Threaded BB

Frame size: S, M, L, XL

Fork: 170mm

Wheel Travel: 166 mm

Wheel size: twenty nine inches

Rear wheel:Super Boost 157mm

Rear shock: Varies

Seatpost: 34.9 mm

Front derailleur: Not applicable

Bottom bracket: Varies

What’s the Wreckoning?

The Wreckoning is going to have you curious about exactly how the hell you cleared that gap, torched that off camber space, and smashed through that particular rock garden. Do not worry about it, just hold on, because this long traveling 29er has downhill speed similar to no other and enables you to rip through terrain like it is barely there. Because the launch of its it has been among Evil’s top-selling bikes and they have gotten lots of praise from people who initially doubted this big wheeled monster’s potential to shred like the 27.5 wedge.

The Wreckoning produces the unrideable rideable because of a 170mm fork, great wheels, and also 3 rear shock options that allow you to optimize this particular beast for the place you wish to drive. The 29er wheels provide you ridiculous quantities of traction and rollover capability so that you are able to are available in warm and also plow through whatever’s following. While it is absolutely a gravity driven downhill rig, it is comfy on the climbs as well as its chainstays aren’t tall enough to offer playful experience that keeps you in control when you are slashing berms and squaring off corners.
Who is the Wreckoning for?

When you wish to go faster and bigger than previously, you will want the Wreckoning on the side of yours.

The Following LB
Specialized specifications:

Available Colors: Smashing Pumpkin, Drunken Olive

Frame Details:EVIL Following MB 120mm Travel UD Carbon, Internal Dropper Routing, Integrated Upper Guide, BOOST

Frame size: S, M, L, XL

Wheel Travel: 4.72 located in (120 mm)

Wheel size: 29″ or perhaps 27.5

Rear wheel: 148 mm x twelve mm (boost)

Rear shock: Rockshox Super Deluxe RCT Debonair, 165×45 (two Token), Trunion or 20×8 DB TT LL1 380 or perhaps Fox Float DPX2, K, F-S, 3pos-Adj

Seatpost: 30.9 mm

Front derailleur: Not applicable

Bottom bracket: SRAM 73mm BSA

What’s The Following?

The Following is again, which time it is More Better’er. When it initially became available, folks have been a bit of confused since it had been a distinctive blend of big wheels, small travel, along with slack and low geometry, though it seems they had been onto something. People enjoyed it, and terms as quiver killer began getting tossed around. Few 29ers share its enduro style geometry, and the brand new version has 20mm more access to start the cockpit and also offer a far more stable wheelbase and also keeps you based in the bike. Its 430mm chainstays ensure you will remain destroying berms which accelerates as quickly as it takes sides.

Trunnion shock mounting can make the original stroke smoother and enables the suspension to be active during the entire travel. Additionally they included supports for a number of piggyback, coil, along with inline shocks so that you are able to actually tune this rig into the proper tool for the task. The Following MB currently employs Boost back axle spacing for firmer, stronger wheels as well as 27.5 compatibility when you are searching for a lot of traction. Much more brand new features certainly are a threaded bottom bracket as well as water bottle mount.
Who is The Following for?

The Following MB is ideal for riders which are searching for a remarkably flexible shred machine which will enable them to truly survive their very own and have them crushing near as well as far.

Evil The Calling Mountain Bike

The Calling is a flexible mid travel 27.5 all mountain bike that is just as at home smashing downhills, shredding corners, and also getting air.

The Calling
Specialized specifications:

Available Colors: Angry Dolphin, Muddy Waters

Frame Details:EVIL Calling 131mm Travel UD Carbon, Internal Dropper Routing, Integrated Upper Guide, BOOST

Frame size: S, M, L, XL

Wheel Travel: 5.16 located in (131 mm)

Wheel size: 27.5 inches

Rear wheel: 148 mm x twelve mm (boost)

Rear shock: Rockshox Super Deluxe Debonair, 185×50 (one Token), DB T ML S 380

Seatpost: 30.9 mm

Front derailleur: Not Applicable

Bottom bracket: SRAM 73mm BSA

What’s The Calling?

Evil refers to as the Calling the Following’s delinquent small brother, implying it shares several of the very same texture as well as geometry attributes but utilizes 27.5 inch wheels for a much rowdier bash. Some have known as it a downhiller’s trail bike as it feeds away from of momentum and gravity to keep its type through the basic stuff, however, is playful and agile ridiculously and also have you ruining sides, flicking manuals, as well as swallowing off of all you are able to locate.

The DELTA single pivot design primarily turns this particular mid travel trail bike right into a downhill monster. The long and bottomless feel and low geometry in the late stroke helps it be descend a lot more like a 150mm bike compared to a 130mm, but is considerably more nimble than any lengthy travel bike. It is efficient and comfortable on long climbs despite the rear shock open, producing in an ideal bike for all day activities.
Who is The Calling For?

The Calling is designed for riders which choose the 27.5 platform for pulling childish antics all around the mountain. When you are searching for a motorbike that is powerfully secure on downhills but begs to slice, wheelie, and depart the dirt at every chance, the Calling is perfect for you.