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When is a Transport Assessment Required?

There are no conclusive limits established out in nationwide preparation policy that dictate when a Transportation Analysis or a Transportation Statement record is needed, as regional elements will identify whether a Regional Preparation Authority thinks about a development will have a ‘substantial influence’ on transport or otherwise.

Following the withdrawal of The Department for Transport Document ‘Guidance on Transport Assessment’ in October 2014 guidance on the preparation of sustaining paperwork in highway evaluation terms can be discovered in the Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) collection of records and also in certain in “Travel Plans, Transport Assessments and Statements in decision taking “. This guidance offers recommendations on when a Transport Consultant should be utilised for Transport Assessments as well as Transport Statements are called for and also what they should have.

It is essential to concur at an onset of the pre-planning entry what level of evaluation is called for, which ought to be with the Local Planning Authority and the Highways England if the development is likely to have an effect on the Strategic Road Network.


TEMPro, the Trip End Model Presentation Program, is made to permit in-depth analysis of pre-processed trip-end, trip mileage, cars and truck ownership and also population/workforce preparation information from the National Trip End Model (NTEM).

TEMPro is also the sector typical tool for approximating web traffic growth, which is needed when assessing the web traffic impact of a development on the neighborhood freeway network. The design anticipates the growth in trip beginning to location approximately 2051 for use in transportation modelling taking into consideration: –

Vehicle Ownership; and also
Journey Rates.

The Department for Transport consistently approves the information collections which are then suggested as the most up to date ‘definitive’ information sets for use in modelling.

The current TEMPro information collections show that throughout Great Britain over the coming years website traffic is not predicted to raise at the levels previously anticipated. This has major implications to programmers as advancements that were formerly expected to need costly off website freeway framework enhancements may currently require little or no enhancements. This might make the difference for websites that were not formerly economically viable due to prohibitive advancement prices and also enable advancement to proceed.