Advantages of alcohol-free hand sanitiser

Today we see a large amount of info which informs us that over using hand sanitisers are not good for us – but can there be any true fact to them? With the rise of fake news & simply just typically getting conflicted info about a lot of things nowadays – it is tougher to get around the truth. So we are here to try & help make it a little simpler.

Really well, although various hand sanitisers do have their cons and pros – most usually agree that although alcohol based sanitisers are great for cleaning – they are not too great for your health or body.

Here are a few advantages we discovered to switching over to non alcoholic hand sanitisers:


We’re very comfortable with that uncomfortable stinging whenever we create the error of utilizing sanitiser when our cuticles contains skin peeling from them, or even in case we’ve dry, cracked hands during frigid months of the entire year (paradoxically which makes them actually more dry as they strip oils off your skin). This is due to the alcohol content in regular, alcohol based hand sanitisers.

Alcohol is noted to sting, but what is not recognized as well is exactly why. Alcohol really bonds with some nerve receptors which decrease the threshold usually connected with our notion of “hot things”.Non alcoholic hand sanitisers, on another hand, don’t sting the skin area & often actually have substances which give a better, softer skin condition.


Any Alcohol free Hand sanitiser will usually have a much better chance of being mild on the skin of yours because one of the major undesired side effects of alcohol based hand sanitisers is they dry out the hands of yours, particularly with repeated use.

On another hand, alcohol free hand sanitisers normally carry a little aloe or oil gel to really help maintain & help improve skin quality as well as moisturise hands that are dry, in the situation of oil based sanitisers.


Safety wise, among the most distressing things about alcohol based sanitisers is the potential of its for misuse or injury as a result of accidents. We have seen a few cases of folks, especially kids, sustaining burns due to misuse, as they’re unaware of the hazards of bringing open flames near anybody using sanitiser.

This risk was important in certain public places shifting to alcohol free hand sanitisers, especially to be used in patient suites or perhaps for public places and hallways.


The scent of alcoholic beverages is many and unmistakable individuals consider the smell of it unpleasant. This usually involves a lot of chemical substances referred to as esters, that are introduced to your sanitisers simply to can make your hand sanitiser smell bearable sufficient to work with.

Some alcohol free sanitisers continue to make use of perfumes & some chemical fragrances to improve the scent of theirs making them much more appealing to subscribers, but today they’ve taken a turn toward much more organic ingredients are folks start to be far more conscious of the risks.

Finally, Essential oils have their very own distinctive natural & pleasant smelling scents which accompany them, and our distinctive formulations balance fragrance with performance – ensuring you find the very best of both worlds.


Did you realize that alcohol based hand sanitisers start to be ineffective once their focus drops below a specific level – i.e. as soon as several of it’s evaporated off of your hands?

The defense from an alcohol based sanitiser is just so long as you are able to really feel it on the skin of yours – once it evaporates, the protection ends.

In comparison, alcohol free hand sanitisers, especially essential oil based ones, enable the anti-bacterial oils within them to permeate skin providing a more durable & a much deeper cleaning effect.