A few thoughts on yoga mats

Whilst this post might not lead you directly towards enlightenment or maybe samadhi, it might however help you save a few quid while you come to purchase a brand new mat.

As a yoga instructor, I undergo really a great deal of yoga mats. When working with a mat to instruct on too as consistent practice, it quickly becomes quite bit of use and tear. During the last ten years, I have experimented with a selection of items, from inexpensive mats from TKMax through to the magnificent so called’ professional’ mats at the high end of the marketplace. On the basis of the encounter, I thought I might have the ability to help various other folks navigate their way from the myriad options on the market nowadays. Before I let that happen, maybe a good deal of history on the yoga mat might assist you.

The very first guide to utilizing a prop on the surface as a foundation for yoga practice is discovered inside the Bhagavad Gita where an’ asana’ is discussed, not as a position, but as a little rubber, stool where the yogi sits to meditate. The Gita advises that the stool be erected in a thoroughly clean area as well as discussed with a unique grass type, so the hide of a tiger. or a deer (BG 6:11) The thought is the fact that the yogi is shielded from the dampness on the planet as well as from different insects, snakes and small creatures that could disrupt the bliss of his.

Subsequent texts, do not offer much more info. The drawings from the Jogapradipka depict yogis practising a range of asanas on animal hides. Yogis would also have a wool or maybe cotton rug/blanket, and train on the earth.

In’ Yoga Makaranda’, the fantastic yoga master Krishnamacharya states:

“(The floor) will be covered in Darbha lawn and more than the lawn is spread a white-colored woolen blanket. If a woolen blanket isn’t accessible after that a white-colored cotton cloth will do.”

Tightly woven cotton floor coverings were also backed by Pattabji Jois and continue to be the ideal option of countless ashtanga vinyasa practitioners.

The ubiquitous’ sticky’ yoga mat did not show up on the arena until the 1980s. Angela Farmer, whilst teaching in Germany in 1982 had the brilliant idea of cutting a portion of carpet underlay to the dimensions of a bath towel. When she returned to London she confirmed the Father of her who proceeded to be the very first retailer of’ sticky mats.’

Nowadays, there are a substantial amount of yoga mats to pick from, ranging in cost from £3.99 to over a 100 pounds. Many mats are created from PVC or perhaps the’ Eco’ mats are manufactured from natural rubber and jute.

When I began practising yoga approximately twelve years back, barely anybody had a yoga mat. At the centre I used to visit there had been a lot of rolled up Afghan style area rugs in the corner that we would once borrow. Buying a yoga mat did not seem that really important. In reality, I practised yoga frequently at home and in class rather happily for approximately 2 years without setting foot holding a yoga mat.

Next, when I begun to get yoga somewhat much more earnestly and also enrolled on the BWY foundation program, I thought I ought to invest £14 in a Warrior yoga mat from yoga mad. It was a great action. As a brand new practitioner there’s anything about purchasing a mat which sets an objective, a commitment to training.

I still need that mat these days, and after several trips to India, along with many years of everyday process and also teaching, its still living and working together. Which is more than will be said for several of its more costly replacements.

The least expensive mats available may be located in shops as Argos for about £3 – £5. Although its quite a incredible signal of the occasions you are able to purchase a yoga mat in a mainstream large street store, these mats aren’t especially great quality. I have had pupils go to class along with their unique Argos mat and been not able to use it on account of not enough grip or even assistance.

For about £7 – £12 you are able to purchase a mat in TKMaxx. These often be produced by organizations like’ Gaiam’ and therefore are a little much better quality: although currently low in guidance that is much or even grip. They will do the project, but aren’t best.

For about £12 – £18 you are able to buy a “Warrior mat’ from organizations as “Yoga mad’ These’re good mats, really grippy, 4mm thick, and so enough support, could be worn each side and also, as I stated earlier, begin for many years, plus many years, and seasons.

When I graduated as a teacher I chose to purchase a brand new mat. I went for the earth choice. You will find a selection of’ eco friendly’ mats available produced from renewable natural rubbers which are additionally reusable. I selected an earth mat with jute mix. It set me back £35. It looked wonderful. If felt wonderful, it actually smelt good! The jute felt really common and was extremely grippy. The way it was a bit of slim, really weighty and, disappointingly, just one sided.

It lasted under seven months! The jute begun to use out, its threads snapping. It started to shed small bits of red rubber where previously I went. In under 12 months, it became relegated to a back up mat in a shop cupboard. I went to utilizing the trusty old warrior mat.

Then a several years later, I was able to convince myself and once more that I needed a much better mat. I was tricked by the slick advertising: additional help as well as enhanced grip would certainly improve my asanas: also produced from healthy, renewable rubber plus non toxic glues as earth friendly. I selected the Rolls Royce of yoga mats:’ Manduka’ and went for their’ eko’ mat with a sale price of £75. I can remember telling my partner Alice, who’s likewise a yoga instructor, and her nodding sagely and saying: “Jimi Hendrix learnt to enjoy the guitar on a plank of wood.” Hmm. Not the response I would hoped for, though she’d a point. I reminded myself that Jimi Hendrix quickly ditched the plank of his of wood once he can pay for a Fender Stratocaster instead.

I was extremely fired up the morning my Manduka arrived. It was very heavy the postman can hardly carry it with the door. It was a beautiful mat, there’s little doubt. Really dense for assistance, and therefore grippy which at the conclusion of savasana I thought I will have to be surgically removed from it.

It was with no doubt the best mat I would actually used. And its real, in postures like Urdva Danurasana, additional grip helped, the assistance was just right. I needed a trailer to haul it, but thats what you receive I told myself, whenever you purchase quality that is some.

This mat lasted under a season. In reality, after only six weeks the top-layer of rubber started out bobbling set up as the glue inside lost its hold. I was truly let down. I complained to Manduka, wanting them to change it. Nevertheless, after a long exchange of messages they provided me money off on my upcoming Manduka mat. I attempted to tactfully clarify that I did not wish to get an additional Manduka mat which I was under the notion that for £75 I was purchasing a “mat for life.’ It will were good for them to at a minimum admit that the merchandise they would sold me was defective.

I went to working with a warrior mat. And then lately I bought a non branded, Oeko Tex (free from damaging substances) mat from Ruth White Yoga. Its no frills, no major name, but grippy, plenty of help as well as long enough for jumping in and from vinyasas.

I have a warrior mat to teach on since its easy and light to transport to class.

The factor that I’ve learned from this’s that, of course Alice is correct (as usual!) Jimi Hendrix learnt guitar by using a plank of wood. Ancient yogis did not have costly yoga mats. They did not have some money. They utilized what natural resources they might find. You will find a selection of things out there. Do not be fooled into believing that any of them will substantially alter the way you practice or even assist you on your trip towards enlightenment. If you would like to develop the asanas of yours, you have to practice. Practice each day and it does not matter whats under the foot of yours, so long as it feels healthy.

In general, I would suggest that you try to find one grippy, a minimum of 4mm heavy and created by a business which focuses on yoga equipment.

Its wonderful to have the ability to purchase a costly eco mat, however: its a waste of your time in case the mat really needs replacing after only 1 season. It’s certainly a lot more helpful to the planet to purchase a PVC based mat that will last twelve years than have to hold replacing rubber mats, clocking up shipping and producing carbon footprint.

In the opinion of mine, the mid range mats such as the warrior mat are about the very best available regarding importance for some money. They’re excellent mats with lots of support and grip. If you are somebody that wants additional support they also sell double thickness varieties.