Umbrella Company V Agency PAYE – what’s right for you?

So you have landed that good contract. Still to exercise which payroll choice will place much more cash in the pocket of yours.

As a short-term worker there’s several ways you are able to decide to get paid. If the hassle of operating the own company of yours is not suitable for you next you are able to often be paid on your recruitment agency’s payroll.

On paper the choices are rather similar. In both instances you come to be a worker of the organisation, all the payroll of yours plus administration is cared for and you’re taxed under PAYE. Both are risk that is very low – IR35 doesn’t use and all tax & NI is deducted which means you do not need to be concerned about putting money aside for tax bills.

Right here we glance at the advantages and disadvantages of Umbrella Company V Agency PAYE that will help you make an informed decision. You may also wish to use an Agency PAYE Calculator:
Umbrella Company

Uplifted rate – being used by an Umbrella business usually means that the agency of yours is going to offer a higher hourly price since they do not have to cover the expense of employing you
Easy and quick to create up – simply submit your expenses and timesheets
Continuity of work – umbrella businesses are aimed at contractors that are working on a number of fixed term assignments, therefore you have exactly the same employer as you go from job to job
Quality Umbrella businesses are going to offer employee benefits (such as Perkbox)
Ability to claim work related expenses (Temporary workplace costs are governed by SDC tests)
You’ll generally be protected by the Umbrella company’s insurances (Often Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Personal Accident and employers Liability coverage is actually included as standard)


When you’re not taking on very much in the form of work related expenses or even increasing employee benefits, an Umbrella business might not be the right option
All Umbrella companies are going to retain a margin out of the cash received from the company of yours There are several unscrupulous Umbrella businesses who might not be spending all of the taxes as a result of HMRC. The simplest way to find out you’re secure is using an FCSA registered Umbrella company.

Company PAYE

Really simple – it’s the easiest of payroll models, you simply have to sign the contract of yours and distribute your timesheets
You deal directly with your recruitment consultant on all issues, with no third party involved


You’re unable to get expenses
The hourly rate is apt to be less than in case you’re used by an Umbrella company
Might stop being best for you in case you switch assignments frequently or perhaps do not wish being tied to one agency