Star Wars: Facts You Didn’t Know About Lightsaber Construction

The signature weapon of the Sith and also the Jedi is the lightsaber. Allow me to share several things about the construction of its in Star Wars.

Lightsabers, weapons of the Jedi Knights and the Sith Lord enemies of theirs, are actually among the most famous facets of the Star Wars universe. Lightsabers are actually of course modeled to invoke the swords used as weapons by the old knights of Earth’s history, a mythology from which George Lucas drew significantly in the creation of his of Star Wars, but with a sci fi twist fitting the setting.

While Lightsabers and also the scenes in which people who wield are actually among the most noteworthy parts of any Star Wars movie, most lay people would be baffled if asked to describe the way a Lightsaber works. As a result, let us dig into several facts about the way these stylish weapons are designed.

Kyber Crystals

Today, probably the most crucial part of all in Lightsaber construction: a Kyber crystal. Found on planets including Jedha and Ilum, these crystals are actually attuned to The Force. The bond between the crystal and a Jedi powering the saber of theirs is hence a profoundly personal one, above the amount of object and possessor. Colorless in the natural state of theirs, as soon as a Jedi bonds with a Kyber crystal, the crystal takes on a hue, generally pink or even purple, which reflects its master’s connection to The Force, and that is shown by the color of the Lightsaber blade itself.

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The Gathering

The building of a Lightsaber is actually a crucial stage in one’s journey towards being a Jedi. As a result, the Jedi Order makes the task into a Rite of Passage; called “The Gathering.” Padawans create a pilgrimage to Ilum, escorted by higher ranking Jedi, exactly where they have to search out a Kyber crystal with the assistance of The Force. After they find such a crystal, the Padawans return to Coruscant and start creating the Lightsaber of theirs. The procedure is actually depicted in The Clone Wars episode named after the pilgrimage; watch that episode in case you wish to find the process first hand.

The Sith Do not Build, They Take

“The Saber of a Sith isn’t given, it’s taken.” These words had been told by Darth Sidious to his newly reconstructed apprentice, Darth Vader, and they offer insight into the way the Sith construct the Lightsabers of theirs. Instead of seeking out a Kyber crystal and bonding it, the way of the Sith is obviously considerably violent; to get the own Lightsaber of theirs, a Sith have got to initially kill a Jedi then take the Saber of the fallen foe of theirs.

This particular procedure was demonstrated during the very first arc of Darth Vader: Dark Lord Of The Sith; deprived of a weapon after the Lightsaber of his was taken by Obi Wan Kenobi following the climactic duel of theirs on Mustafar, Darth Vader is actually sent to seek out a surviving Jedi to be able to get a brand new weapon. He chooses Master Kirak Infil’a, whom he of course defeats. Nevertheless, the task does not end there…

The Sith Corrupt Their Kyber Crystals

As Kyber Crystals are naturally aligned to the Light Side of The Force, the Sith should actively bend the crystals to the dark of theirs will in case they want to manage the weapon in the Lightsaber of theirs. As a result, before they definitely start construction of the saber of theirs, a Sith Lord is going to pour into the crystal most of their dark emotions; as Darth Sidious puts it, “Teach it the pain of yours. Teach it the anger of yours. Hear it sing a hymn of darkness.” Such bad energy is exactly what the Dark Side feeds upon, and hence the Crystal becomes enslaved to the Darkness simply almost as the owner of its. As a consequence of this corruption, the crystal turns a blood red color; the task is fittingly called “bleeding.”

Bleeding Can Be Healed

While Bleeding is actually an agonizing process for Kyber crystals to endure, it does not need to be long term. If a Jedi or even some Light Side wielder were defeating a Sith, it’s likely for these people to make use of the Light Side of The Force to heal the crystal of the harm inflicted upon it. Being a result, the unnatural white hue of the crystal fades and it is replaced, usually by a white to represent the purification. This particular procedure was demonstrated by Ahsoka Tano. Right after defeating the Sixth Brother of the Sith Inquisitors in battle, Tano healed his bled crystals and used them to construct herself a new pair of Lightsabers, whose blades shone white.