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Van security info – top tips to avoid van theft

Van security is a very sensitive matter. Vans and the contents of theirs are usually the lifeblood of their owners and drivers, therefore a break-in or maybe theft can have significant consequences. So we have come up with this van security manual to help you decrease the risks of the most detrimental happening.

We have spoken to industry experts and paid attention to van owners on forums to take you this guidebook, what rounds up methods you are able to protect both your everything and van within it, be that products, equipment or tools.
Is van theft a major issue?

Current research indicates that van theft rose eighty one % between 2015 along with 2019, and also in 2021 more than 10,000 vans are likely to be reported stolen. By 2030, which figure is expected to double. Thus, yes, van theft is a major concern.

What is more often, based on investigate by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, greater than a quarter of van owners (twenty seven %) experienced equipment theft in the twelve months leasing approximately September 2021, while a recently available report from Logistics UK reveals that higher than one third of British businesses possessed a van taken in 2020.

In order to place a cost on those statements, Logistics UK claims the typical business cost of can articles theft is £4,250, with VW reckoning the ensuing downtime quantities to £550 each day every van – an estimated £15 million in complete a year. Still that same survey uncovers that at minimum one half of van drivers (fifty seven %) still go out of all the gear of theirs in the van of theirs overnight. And almost a third (thirty one %) have not installed any extra security measures.

That is where this particular van security guide is available in.

A van security system: stopping theft of the entire van

Concerned about the whole van of yours being stolen? Try these top guidelines.

  1. Look after the keys

We will arrive at additional van security locks & related upgrades below, however the simplest way to take a van is by using the key element. And so make certain you understand exactly where the van key of yours is all the time.

With keyless start and keyless entry becoming more and more prevalent in business vehicles, you then also need to consider’ relay attacks’. These make use of an electronic device to lengthen the assortment of the wireless signal from the crucial to van, enabling thieves to get into and begin the van as the answer remains in the house of yours – or even pocket.

A fairly cheap faraday pouch or maybe key box quickly solves this issue.

  1. Old school physical deterrents continue to be effective

Physical theft prevention devices including steering wheel locks, pedal locks and also gearlever locks – all also referred to as clamps – may look as they have escaped out of the 1990s, though they are nonetheless a highly effective deterrent from van theft. You can actually add the own wheel of yours clamp too.

Purchase the very best quality you are able to pay for, ensuring they are Thatcham approved, and also at the very minimum these will impede the criminals down, likely skewing the risk/reward ratio in favour of them not bothering with the van of yours at all.

  1. Fit upgraded immobilisers and alarms

Several vans occur with factory-fitted alarms, some do not – though you are able to constantly make life tougher for criminals by matching an excellent aftermarket solution, as it gives an additional degree of complexity on the process of stealing the van of yours.

Search for Thatcham approved systems and for installers that are reviewed well by various other van owners. Demand to see good examples of quality of last work. And keep in mind that an alarm just alerts you to a break in – it is the immobiliser which stops the van starting, therefore do not skimp on this particular part.

  1. Plan the parking of yours, consider CCTV as well as home security

Parking the van of yours in a well lit area where a large amount of people are able to see it is going to make opportunistic thieves think hard. Park it in clear perspective of a CCTV camera system, as well as more methodical criminals might reconsider the plans of theirs.

A number of savvy van owners likewise take advantage of modern day wireless home security methods. And standalone wireless sensors, like the Vanmate detailed below, you are able to setup wireless cameras and also touch sensors on the van of yours might be connected up to your home alarm each time the van is parked close by.

If triggering the entire house does not discourage a prospective thief, we are unsure what’ll. Plus, you are not likely to sleep through the audio of it.

  1. Use all of the available tech or fit a tracker

A GPS tracking device will not stop the van actually being stolen, though it might assist you to get it back once again. These range from easy, cheap passive devices to complete subscription services. Go for the latter in case you are able to. They have to be installed correctly, also. Tracker is the best known brand, but you will find others.

As vans get more plus more built-in connectivity, lots of contemporary vans now enjoy a smartphone app which includes a GPS location device – and so make certain whatever’s already offered is downloaded and also activated on the smartphone of yours.