The Ultimate Dog Collar Guide

When you walk right into a dog collar aisle in a pet store or maybe browse selections online, you’re likely to end up bogged down by all of the choices offered. This particular dog collar buying guidebook is meant to allow you to make an educated choice about precisely how to select a dog collar and the right way to correctly put it to use.

Various colours, sizes, widths, materials, and designs allow for a huge selection of options. Sadly, lots of pet owners make errors that are common with the dog of theirs collar selection basically since they simply do not understand what collar is ideal for their dog, and how you can size it correctly & make use of it easily.

We will in addition exceed dog collar troubleshooting, in addition to ordinary errors that pet owners make when utilizing and choosing a dog collar and just how you are able to stay away from them.
The best way to Size your Dog Collar

Before you start searching for fancy dog collars, it’s vital that you find out what size your dog’s neck is. A badly fitting collar can result in your dog getting off leash, which can be extremely risky if you’re much from home.

The simplest way to evaluate your dog’s neck size is by using a flexible measuring tape. A shoestring and measuring tape or even ruler functions in a touch, also.

Take the shoestring or even measuring tape and also wrap it around your dog’s neck in between the ears as well as the collar bone, exactly where your dog will don the collar of his. Add two inches to this measurement, plus you’ve your dog’s neck size.

If you place your dog’s collar on, you ought to be ready to slip 2 fingers underneath, involving your dog’s body as well as the collar. You need the collar to become scarce sufficient it will not slip more than your dog’s head, but loose sufficient that it will not choke or even strangle your dog.

Types of Collars

When selecting a collar type for the dog of yours, think about what your dog’s requirements are and the day to day activities of his. You might like having a couple of diverse types of collars available for various uses.

Regular dog collars are undoubtedly the most popular. These collars are not hard to place on and pull off and can be as basic or as trendy as you please. Regular collars are usually leather or nylon and come with metal or plastic buckles.

A standard collar is better utilized for dogs who do not pull, can be off leash, or simply need something to hold the ID tags of theirs.
Martingales as well as Chain Collars (Training Collars)

Choke chains could be very damaging to the dog of yours if not used correctly, and they’re rarely used properly.

Several coaches continue to argue they’re successful for teaching persistent dogs to walk perfectly on a lead, but you’ll find less risky choices these days, similar to the martingale collar. A lot of trainers have centered on force-free training techniques. This removes the demand for choke chains, pinch collars, and remote or maybe shock collars.

Martingale collars could be effective instruction collars which are much like choke chains, though they’re safer plus more comfy. These collars are basically half half as well as nylon chain, making it possible for the collar to cinch up a particular amount when the dog pulls of yours. This prevents you from accomplishing some damage to the dog’s esophagus.

Martingale collars will also be offered in a fabric design rather than the chain section, to accommodate all those searching for a much softer materials. They’re appealing for dogs with hair that is long to prevent pulling some fur out.

TIP: When sizing your dog’s martingale, place it to ensure you are able to put two fingers underneath once the chain is slack. This can allow it to be efficient in case your dog tries to push.

LED Collars

LED dog collars, like the Head Lites brand, are perfect for if you walk the dog of yours at the start of the early morning or even in the evening when it’s dark and could be particularly in case you’re camping or hiking together with your dog. These collars give either sound or flashing lights and reflective materials so that other pedestrians and automobiles will have the ability to obviously see the dog of yours when you’re out for a stroll.

Several regular nylon collars include reflective security strips also. For an alternative, you are able to additionally find attachable lights or maybe reflectors that suit most collars.
Drinking water Proof

Water-resistant collars are very sought after for animals in wetter climates, and for outdoor summer activities. The soft material of waterproof collars is comfy adequate being used all of the time, or simply for rainy days, and activities as water sports.

This collar type is going to be not just waterproof, but it’ll resist bacteria and be super easy to clean up. With time, germs in many components will begin to support an odour, form mildew, and also begin to break down. Water-resistant collars are durable and also won’t have being cleaned or maybe replaced as frequently as nylon or even leather collars.

When you’ve determined the kind of collar which would work best for the dog of yours, you are able to have a look at material types. Many dog collar sorts are available in a number of various materials, each with special advantages & drawbacks. In order to enable you to comprehend the differences in between the materials used in dog collars, the following are several of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Neoprene is a soft rubberized information which is utilized in damp suits, and it is reinforced with nylon webbing for additional durability, stretch, and strength. Neoprene makes for superb dog collars for dogs that invest considerable time of the bath.


Chain collars, also known as choke chains, must just actually be utilized for training purposes and don’t left unattended for a dog. They present a strangulation danger for dogs left alone, a threat which increases in the chilly weather conditions days once the chains proceed less readily. Choke chains can be quite powerful when used correctly, but may additionally be extremely damaging in case they’re not used properly, leading to severe neck as well as trachea damage.


Nylon dog collars would be the most common types of collars. You will find an enormous number of patterns, widths, colours, and characteristics inside this dog collar group. Perfect for dogs to put on around the home, on hikes, and also for connecting ID tags, nylon collars will be the multi purpose, regular collar. Fashion-forward pets (and people!) is able to enjoy with the assortment of designs and styles of probably the most frequent, but surely not most boring, of canine accessories.


Leather dog collars are a traditional, sturdy design of collar which offers an excellent balance of each appears and practicality. While costlier compared to almost all collars, quality natural leather collars could be anticipated to survive for a long time.

Ensure when you’re purchasing your dog’s leather collar you select a collar made out of authentic leather. Bonded leather, while produced from genuine natural leather, is a conglomerate of scrap leathers with a bonding representative to bind them. This leather type may look as well as feel like real leather, though it’s not as durable and it is an inferior product. While bonded leather would nevertheless appropriate for a dog collar, it will not have the identical longevity.

Leather collars could be discovered in each rolled and flat designs to best match the animal. Rolled leather collars are usually recommended for dogs with thick hair that effortlessly mats around the collar of theirs.