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Save our Stars!

There is something particularly magical when you are out at the center of nowhere, you search for and also you see the stars in most their glory… so why do we not have exactly the same impact whenever we visit the night skies from home?

Rather simply, it is due to light pollution!

What’s light pollution?

Light pollution is essentially artificial lighting, which you are able to get in any city or town all over the world – it makes an impact in which the sky appears a bit washed out, and also fades those amazing stars.

Additionally, it interferes with:
Astronomy research – in which scientists are able to get to grips with what is truly happening out in space

Ecosystems like nocturnal creatures whose life cycles count on the dark and light

Causes negative health consequences (stress, anxiety, fatigue and sleep problems for example)

It uses up A great deal of special energy.

Did you understand that according to observations from the Suomi NPP satellite, about 33 % of humankind can’t find out the Milky Way? Just how much of unfortunate is the fact that? To be deprived of anything so naturally amazing?

One study done in 2017 suggested that globally, light pollution improved by about two % annually between 2012 and 2016…

So what can we do?

“We lose something essential; we drop a part of ourselves whenever we lose a chance to access the evening skies. We drop that feeling of stillness and awe that must be right over the heads of ours each night.” – Amanda Gormley

Switch things off! In case you go out of an area, make sure to turn the lights off and particularly throughout the morning, keep those curtains wide open and perform by using natural light!

Brighten those stars

Let us work in concert to brighten those stars and also enable you to locate the star you have named after an unique someone.

Let us turn off

We suggest a national switch off when every week – an hour to inhale and star gaze. An hour to really experience exactly what the stars are offering. We are working on something a bit specific in respect to this, and so stay tuned and we will keep you updated.

Do you want to create something a bit extra great? Name a Star after an individual, an event or even after yourself…!