How to Buy the Right Running Watch for You

You need to start tracking the miles of yours but with a lot of running watches out there it is hard to know which one to select. Here’s all you have to understand about running watches and the way to select the ideal one for you.

What exactly are the Advantages of a working Watch?

From very simple fitness trackers to the most recent GPS watches and pulse rate monitors, running watches are created to optimise and also personalise your education to help you boost the overall performance of yours.

The 運動手錶 you select is determined by the running goals of yours and budget, but keep in mind, the highest priced alternative is not often the greatest running gadget for accomplishing the goals of yours.

Far more plus more running watches are ready to match together with your smartphone making it possible for you also easier access to the information of yours along with providing you with intelligent notifications to alert you to texts, phone calls, and email messages. With a longer operation and battery inside a broader temperature range working watches are not as likely to go wrong in colder and hotter problems too.

Running Watch Vs Fitness Tracker?

Physical fitness TRACKER

Fitness trackers provide the most elementary running data; a stage count, distance, and calories. More advanced fitness trackers can still monitor the sleep of yours as well as record your heart rate also. They frequently have exceptional battery life and are easy and lightweight to use. If you are a novice runner this is possibly enough for you.


Along with providing you with everything that a health tracker has to give, GPS running watches use worldwide position systems to effectively capture the path of yours so that you are able to later analyse your elevation, cadence, and pace to optimise your training. When you are running longer distances and on hilly terrain GPS watches are perfect as they are able to register vertical gain, providing you with much more accurate information than a health tracker. Newer GPS watches are usually GLONASS, the Russian edition of GPS, made it possible for allowing more accuracy all over Europe.


The capacity to shoot your heart rate, both by way of a built in computer monitor on the wrist of yours or maybe an outside chest strap, is viewed as the new level in regards to running watches. Having the ability to observe the pulse of yours and beats per minute during exercise provides for a more customized exercise program, using pulse rate zones to increase body fat melt, strength, speed, and stamina.

Heart-rate monitors also can estimate the VO2 max of yours, the maximum oxygen consumption of yours, and the healing rate of yours. While these watches are generally costlier, most brands offer their bestselling models both with and without a heart rate monitor to cater to various budgets.


Multi-sport watches are waterproof and will capture all of the above mentioned data but unique to whether you are running, biking, swimming, as well as hiking, snowboarding, paddleboarding and skiing to name just a few. Great for outdoor adventures and triathlons.

Additional Features to Consider

Virtually every feature on a running watch is built to optimise and also personalise your knowledge and racing for the enjoyment of yours so that you must constantly contemplate what characteristics are essential to you.

Extra features could be:

Sound & vibration prompts for actual time info from smartphone notifications to lap times and heart rate zones

Online interactivity enabling you to upload and share the information of yours with training apps

Competitive racing against yourself and virtual partners

Customisable physical exercises and training runs

Recovery period calculation

Exactly how Much Can I Spend?

Running watches are able to vary from £50 to £600+ even though generally, the more you invest the greater features you get, only a few attributes is helpful to you as well as your running.


Running watches within £100 can come with restricted options, often with no GPS, but can easily match with the smartphone of yours for additional information. These are typically great lightweight choices giving you pace, calories, and distance.


Watches at this level must come with heart rate monitors, GPS, and also pre-made accelerometers so that you are able to register accurate data whether you are inside on the treadmill or even outside. You will have the ability to utilise heart rate zone training and interval timers for best performance training.


At the bigger price you begin getting the truly fascinating features from vertical oscillation, to a built in compass, multi sport tracking, along with real time coaching. Watches at this level is going to offer VO2 max as well as be ready to calculate the stress levels of yours.