What breakdown cover is right for you?

While car breakdown cover is priceless to have, a little cover is easily included in your car insurance cover.

And so check the policy of yours to ensure you are not copying the insurance of yours before comparing breakdown cover policies in depth. Let us are much more closely at the breakdown product options.

By comparing breakdown cover providers, you are able to get a policy that provides you the amount of protection you need at a cost you are able to pay for.
What does breakdown cover do for me personally?

The most effective breakdown cover it’s essentially an insurance policy that provides you roadside support and recovery to some garage when your car breaks down. In order to preserve costs down, several more affordable policies are going to organise cover but ask you paying the up front price, which you reclaim afterwards with receipts. If you are organised and want the really cheapest cover, this’s a great option.

Most vehicles could be covered, including classic cars, although there aren’t any hard-and-fast rules. It’s likely to buy breakdown cover in case you have previously broken down but it’ll typically cost more. Nearly all policies could be paid for monthly or annually.
How does car breakdown cover work?

When you are traveling on a street or maybe motorway and also you encounter car trouble, you are able to pull over and call up your breakdown provider. They then send out an engineer who is going to try to address the car of yours on the area.

If they are not able to address the car of yours, they’ll tow you to a storage area. You are able to additionally get help holding on with the trip of yours, and help in case your car breaks down at home, based on the policy you select.

What cars are you able to cover?

Nearly all cars will be included under a breakdown policy, including:


Gentle vans




To be qualified your car must fulfill specific specifications, for instance weigh no far more than 3.5 tonnes and also become a maximum of 6.4 metres in length incorporating a tow bar.

In case you have a car for work, or maybe you handle a fleet of vans or cars, you are able to buy commercial breakdown protection to protect them.
Compare breakdown cover

You will find two ways breakdown cover is able to protect you:

Person or individual cover, that covers you when you’re travelling in any car as a passenger or the driver

Vehicle cover, that covers just one specific vehicle so you are able to just call out for help if you break down in that car

Additionally, there are many levels of cheap breakdown cover, that most provide various benefits. The much more you’re prepared to pay, the better coverage you are able to get. These may include multi-car policies so you’ve breakdown cover which could cover all of the cars in the household of yours, or at the very same address.

Though bear in mind that probably the very best cover type is the cover you do not need – or need way too often. Put simply, good car maintenance is essential. However a good failure policy is very reassuring. Let us look at what is best for you and the car of yours.
Roadside assistance

This’s probably the most fundamental quality of breakdown cover, and also implies you can get help by the edge of the highway in case you break down. Roadside assistance only covers you in case you digest a particular distance from the house of yours, typically no less than a quarter of a mile.

When your car cannot be fixed then and there, it’ll be towed to:

The closest garage

A garage area approved by the provider of yours

A spot of the decision of yours, provided it’s not further than an approved garage

Only some providers offer to help you move to another spot, so check conditions and terms thoroughly before purchasing a policy.

However all breakdown policies are roadside help and also you are able to include more coverage options to expand the policy of yours at expense. Know that some policies could have a rigid cap on the amount of times you are able to call them or maybe the distance your car is towed to. Prioritise, then, everything you believe are the key features before buying.
Automobile recovery

This extends the cover provided by roadside assistance by providing you much more options of where the car of yours may be towed to.

You are able to decide being returned to a storage area of the decision of yours, or maybe some other place in the UK. For instance, you could be towed to your house address even in case you digest much distance away.
Onward travel

This covers the expense of continuing the journey of yours in case you break down on a journey.

Most breakdown providers provide 3 options:

A hire car: in case you would like to continue the journey of yours while your car is being fixed, the provider of yours is going to arrange a hire car, typically for a maximum of 2 or maybe 3 days or until your car is fixed

Alternative transport: in case you’d prefer to continue the trip of yours by bus, taxi or train, the provider of yours will include the price as much as a set amount, for instance £150 per person or maybe up to £500 for the rest of your party

Overnight accommodation: in case you wish to stay overnight while your car has been fixed, this particular policy is able to handle the expense of just one night’s hotel accommodation up to a set amount, for instance £150 per individual or even as much as £500 for the rest of your party