Advantages of Facebook Marketing for Your Business

Have you noticed that social media advertising does not drive results?

Or maybe that advertising on Facebook is not well worth it any longer with the evolution of some other social platforms?

In that case, you better think again.

Below are only ten reasons why you ought to look into a Facebook ads course – highlighting its primary differences versus any other social networking platforms and advantages against some other electronic channels.

  1. Reach a broad Audience

Undeniably, Facebook offers advertisers among the biggest pc user bases.

As of July 2020, based on Statista, Facebook had much more than 2.6 billion people worldwide.

That’s much more than every other social networking platform and subsequent to possibly just Google’s search users.

The market on Facebook isn’t simply big, it spans across several demographics.

Simply no matter to who your small business caters, you will be able to discover your preferred audience profile on Facebook.

While skewing towards young customers, with sixty two % of consumers dropping between eighteen and thirty four years old, Facebook attracts owners of all years, with thirty eight % of dropping from thirty five most of the right way to sixty five.

It’s the old demographic groups which are the fastest growing sections of Facebook users.

Since 2015 the amount of Baby Boomers (born 1946 1964) on Facebook continuously grew by those parts and double digits of the Silent Generation (born in and before 1945) on Facebook nearly doubled, based on Pew Research Center.

  1. Alignment with Both B2B and B2C Businesses

Have you noticed that Facebook advertising is just for B2C businesses?

Get ready to be amazed at how B2B companies also can run effective campaigns on Facebook.

Business decision-makers spend seventy four % more hours on Facebook than many other people.

The B2B some space is naturally competitive, and that means B2B marketers should be aggressive when using Facebook.

But with the correct targeting, ad format, messaging, and off Facebook user experience on the website of yours, there’s undoubtedly chance for good results.

Facebook remarketing is the very least B2B marketers must consider.

We quite often forget about just how anybody, who’s a B2B target, doesn’t stop being and so after they exit work or perhaps are online in snackable moments between hard work engagements.

They’re the same individual. Remarketing to them on Facebook is a dependable method to stay in the thought of theirs.

For looking for brand new customers, Facebook provides these targeting segments which align best with B2B needs:

Employer name.
Job title.
Employment business.
Interest business.
Employer business size.
Small business travelers.

Another B2B tactic really worth pursuing is developing lookalike audiences primarily based on a current email list, site visitors, or maybe client base.

While not exclusive to other platforms and Facebook today also provide this, advertisers can see it work well on Facebook.

Hawke Media’s Facebook marketing concept began with this particular phase and brought them a 4x return on ad spend.

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  1. Full Funnel Targeting with Multiple Form of Engagement

Of all electronic platforms, Facebook is probably the only person which effectively caters to owners at any phase of the engagement journey.

Facebook’s ad formats, targeting choices, as well measurement capabilities align best with any advertising strategy.

It’s helpful whether a person is in the proverbial upper funnel stages, casually exploring and only just starting the analysis of theirs, or perhaps in a mindset to transact.

If the customers are not within the state of mind to actually consider the message of yours, they won’t participate with and go right past it.

But in case they’re, this’s the opportunity of yours to surprise and also delight them with anything extremely visual, memorable and also shows the services of yours or maybe product used in a manner that offers value.

The aim isn’t showing extensive benefits.

The objective is showing something that is going to excite a user and encourage them to research further if the timing is much better for them.

If your aim is taping mid funnel users (i.e., in the consideration phase), Facebook has 6 distinct solutions catering to this particular.

To be aware, they enable not just engaging users on Facebook, but additionally run off Facebook actions which involve users mingling with content material on the site of yours.

in case driving people to definitely think of your company is the primary goal of yours, and then Facebook could be completely a dependable method of very qualified traffic (or, if your small business depends on app consumption, to generate app installs).

Transaction-oriented marketers are going to benefit from conversion plan options.

Make sure you make use of the custom buttons Facebook provides to improve the ads of yours.

Based on your goals and market, Facebook has a selection of tailored buttons to integrate into ads with a certain call to action to help you tailor the ad of yours to the unique objective (e.g., reserve a hotel room, try to make a purchase).

  1. Audience Transparency

While many programmatic networks provide very similar market targeting features, Facebook’s audience reach is extremely transparent.

By virtue of self selecting audience targeting, your small business has a lot of transparency and management over the audiences you target.

Fans: The Facebook followers of yours.
Friends of Fans: Users that are good friends of the twitter followers of yours.
Interests or behaviors: Users that meet up with the requirements you selected based on self reported criteria.
Remarketing: Users who’ve previously visited the site of yours.

While any other platforms are going to auto-optimize the positioning of yours, segmenting the campaign of yours on Facebook primarily based on these known audience clusters positions you to get insights.

In both instances, a campaign might succeed.

Nevertheless, on Facebook, you are going to be in a position to know what segment(s) performed greatest leading you making hypotheses with the chance to keep on testing as well as refining strategies.

  1. Psychographic Targeting

Facebook’s targeting capabilities go beyond demographics.

Increasingly, demographics solely are a bad predictor of someone’s lifestyle or even buying needs.

For instance, only a few millennials have extremely high college debt or even direct a lifestyle one would connect with using a reduced disposable income.

Facebook’s targeting capabilities allow targeting by a broad range of lifestyle attributes, like interests, behaviors, life events, and hobbies.

This allows not just targeting with much better precision but additionally aligning digital strategy with offline tactics ensuring similar behavioral criteria are worn across your whole advertising channel mix.

  1. Competitor Targeting

Few solutions are going to allow you to follow the audiences of the opposition of yours.


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On Facebook, you cannot target fans of various other brands.

Nevertheless, you are able to still target users who’ve suggested desired brands as the curiosity of theirs.

That’s founded on self-reported data and might not be current, as it’s determined by the last time a person has updated the settings of theirs.

Nevertheless, particularly if utilized at scale, this is a highly effective method to pursue well qualified users.

By producing a customized audience of owners with interest in twenty popular brands, one particular may easily tap into thousands of owners all without paying costs for these market profiles which might be required on some other channels.

  1. Variety of Ad Formats

With ten Facebook ad formats, Facebook leads social networking platforms in the assortment of ad choices it will make out there.

For every target marketing funnel stage, you will find a few of choices that are free , with picture and also video ads most often used.

Truly worth noting, almost all ad formats accommodate visual elements and some text providing you a sizable opportunity to each describe and showcase the company of yours.

Sponsored Posts is but one ad format really worth noting, particularly in case your company allows others to publish on its feed.

Boosting an user generated posting on your feed is certain to fuel additional engagement with many other users.

Strong user generated content quite often outperforms purpose created ads, as the latter are more quickly labeled as intentionally created messages.

By comparison, user generated content is natural as well as individuals are not as likely to be on the defensive if seeing it.

  1. Drive Traffic Straight to The Site of yours

As indicated previously, a lot of Facebook’s ad options allow driving referral traffic for your business’s website.

It’s correct that many people open Facebook with the intention of being there to browse its written content.

Nevertheless, in case your add is powerful and focusing on is extremely useful, the advertisement is sufficiently enticing for the person to actually leave Facebook and achieve the website of yours.

  1. Measurable Performance

While it might be apparent, it’s really worth emphasizing that Facebook does allow reporting on a comprehensive set of metrics. Based on the ad format, numerous metrics can be obtained.

These consist of steps users are able to simply take prior to leaving Facebook (e.g., reach, ad engagements) to off Facebook events (e.g., conversions, revenue).

The sole requirement is installing the Facebook pixel on the site of yours.

While only one may manage making use of third party analytics tracking by reporting basic conversion metrics, Facebook depends on its pixel to auto optimize campaigns.

Without it, Facebook struggles to hone in on the user profiles which are transforming ideal and can continue serving advertisements on the exact same spectrum of owners throughout the whole plan.

  1. Try keeping Your Existing Audience Engaged

One essential benefit of Facebook marketing is it nurtures and also helps grow the Facebook followers of yours as well as fans.

While driving referral website traffic, web site engagement, along with conversions is essential, it’s also essential to routinely engage with and also take care of your Facebook audience.

Really think of the Facebook profile of yours as your business’s second site – an additional electronic extension of your company.

As with the site of yours along with any offline presence, as time passes many folks will naturally become much less keen on reaching you.

They have being reminded of and provided brand new factors to have you in the thought of theirs.

Plus users that do leave for great, have to be changed with new shoes.

Facebook advertising, regardless of the main objective, usually has the essential secondary benefit of producing your follower base as well as giving your existing fans new stuff to check.

If spending budget permits, one particular could occasionally operate campaigns targeting exclusively for established followers.

Just being a follower doesn’t ensure one is going to see all updates.

A sponsored campaign targeting followers doesn’t ensure going all the supporters either.

Nevertheless, it’ll enable coming very much closer, incentivizing subscribers to begin voluntarily monitoring your profile more frequently.

These’re the ten key differentiating health benefits of Facebook vs any other social networking platforms along with other electronic channels.

Like them, Facebook’s ad platform offers easy to use budget control tools, near real time results monitoring, is available to any company irrespective of dimension and will run measurable results like revenue.